Nothing slows down your training faster than pain. And when you increase the duration or intensity of your runs, you may be at risk for Achilles tendonitis, a common cause of heel pain. But with the right shoes, you can get the relief you need to maintain your active lifestyle.

What Are the Right Shoes?

Every day, you take an average of 8,000 steps, and with each one, your body must absorb and transfer stress forces equal to twice your body weight. Excessive impact can cause overstretching and tearing of connective tissues, resulting in injuries like Achilles tendonitis.

To prevent injury and treat existing ones, you need to significantly diminish the impact delivered to your foot. Only Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® can do that.

Footwear Engineered for Pain Relief

The patented technology and innovative design of Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear provides everything you need for effective Achilles tendonitis treatment:

Impact Reduction
Tests conducted by the US Department of Energy show that the unique spring-loaded heel diminishes stress forces delivered to the foot and up the kinetic chain by up to 60%. Less impact translates to immediate Achilles tendonitis pain relief and allows natural healing for lasting relief.

Support and Lift
The built-in Z-Orthotic™ provides rigid support to keep ligaments and tendons from overstretching and tearing. The Z-Orthotic may also be adjusted to provide a slight heel lift, which further reduces stress on the Achilles tendon.

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear keeps your Achilles tendon in a state of semi-rest even while you move. That means you can get Achilles tendonitis treatment while you work out.

Keep Your Stride

Achilles tendonitis doesn’t have to slow you down. With the right footwear, you can get immediate pain relief and effective treatment so that you can keep living life at your own pace.

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear is available in men’s and women’s styles for running, hiking and every day casual wear. Find the shoes that fit you, and contact us to order or find a Z-CoiL distributor near you. All Z-CoiL products come with a 30-day risk-free trial, so you’ve got nothing to lose but your pain!

The best Achilles tendonitis treatment doesn’t require you to get off your feet.
Keep moving with Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear!
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