Achilles tendonitis results from excessive impact, usually delivered by intense activity over a short period of time. Injury may first be indicated by tenderness and/or stiffness in the morning. Symptoms may progress to a dull ache that lasts all day to severe pain after running or climbing stairs. Seeking early treatment is essential to effective pain relief and avoiding more invasive Achilles tendonitis remedies.

Temporary Relief

Achilles tendonitis is inflammation in response to injury to (tearing of) tendon fibers. Pain relief and healing may be achieved through at-home care using the RICE method:

  • Rest—avoiding intense activity (e.g. running, hiking, stair climbing) and/or switching to a low-impact activity like swimming for a  few days
  • Ice—15-minute applications to the injury site
  • Compression—wraps to reduce swelling and limit tendon mobility
  • Elevation—raising the foot above the heart while resting and/or sleeping to reduce swelling

For pain that persists, over the counter anti-inflammatories (e.g. ibuprofen, naproxen) may provide temporary Achilles tendonitis pain relief. In cases of severe pain, doctors may prescribe stronger anti-inflammatories, which may include cortisone injections.

A Lasting Cure

If Achilles tendonitis is not treated effectively, the tendon may rupture. Surgery is required to repair a torn tendon. While surgery may “cure” Achilles tendonitis, the recovery process will keep you off your feet much longer, and scar tissue may permanently impair mobility.

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