Bunions are abnormal bony growths at the base of the big toe that have the potential to cause a lot of foot pain. Bunions may also lead to other foot problems if left untreated.

The Cause of Bunions

For some people, bunions run in the family or develop because of deformities present at birth. For most people, though, bunions result from:

  • Degeneration of joints in the foot because of age or other conditions, like arthritis
  • Years of wearing ill-fitting shoes (usually high-heeled shoes with pointed toes)

In both cases, impact transferred from the heel pushes toes together. Over time, the big toe may deviate, pushing the first bone in the big toe against the metatarsal bone behind it, creating the hump.

The increased pressure and friction in shoes created by the presence of bunions can contribute to other conditions that cause foot pain, such as hammertoes and calluses.

Bunion Treatment at the Source

Improperly fitting shoes are the most common cause of bunions. So it makes sense that the right shoes may be the best treatment for bunions. To effectively provide bunion pain relief, shoes must provide:

  • Ample toe room
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Rigid support

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Z-CoiL shoes provide immediate bunion pain relief as well as complete foot care to prevent future injury or complications.

Listen to Your Feet

Bunions may be the result of years of foot abuse. It’s time to give your feet the care they need, so you can get the bunion pain relief you want.

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The wrong shoes may cause bunions, but the right shoes can treat them.
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