Foot drop (also called drop foot) is not a disease by itself. The condition is caused by muscle or nerve injury or damage. The nature of the injury or damage will affect whether or not foot or lower leg pain is a symptom as well as which treatment options work best to remedy or cope with drop foot.

Coping with Foot Drop

The diagnostic marker of foot drop is the inability to flex the top of the foot while walking, causing the toes to drag during the latter stages of the gait cycle. The most immediate response is to make exaggerated movements—either lifting the knee to clear toes of the ground or sliding the foot in a wide arc—to mimic a normal gait. These compensatory movements may overstress other muscles and joints, causing pain in the knees, hips and/or lower back.

You can prevent other painful lower body conditions caused by compensatory movements by seeking treatment that helps normalize the gait. For people with drop foot for whom normal range of motion is expected to return, treatments may include:

  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Ankle-foot orthotics

If drop foot is the result of nerve irritation in the spine or knees, over the counter anti-inflammatories may also help relieve pain. If OTC pills do not provide sufficient results, stronger anti-inflammatories, including cortisone injections, may be suggested for pain relief and/or to temporarily restore a fuller range of motion.

Ankle-foot orthotics are useful for people for whom foot drop is a permanent condition. However, surgery that fuses the ankle and foot bone may also be considered for long term treatment.

Best Treatment Option

Many conventional drop foot therapies have significant drawbacks:

  • Anti-inflammatory injections are invasive and expensive
  • Ankle-foot orthotics are expensive, often uncomfortable and may cause muscles to atrophy by limiting range of motion
  • Ankle-foot fusion surgery permanently limits the range of mobility

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