Every foot is different, but the most common variation in feet is foot width and the variation in arch height.  Many people with flat feet have no pain or biomechanical issues, however for some people flat feet can be very painful and/or be a contributor to over-pronation (feet rolling inward).  Most peoples arches naturally fall over time, so as you age you are more likely to have a flat foot.

Flat Foot Arch - Z-CoiL

The arch is a natural spring or cushioning device for the foot and the lack of an arch will diminish some of your foots natural cushioning ability.  Your foot actually spreads out with each step making your foot almost 1/2 inch longer when you walk than when you stand.  Your arch is critical in the cushioning and the stretching of your foot with each step.

Flat feet can be the reason that your legs and back have been hurting lately—flat feet may cause alignment problems, making your whole body achy and sore.

If you have flat feet (or even if you don’t!), the proper footwear is crucial. For one thing, the right shoes will support the arch of your foot, and position ligaments and tendons in the foot where they belong. And the right shoes ensure that you won’t develop other painful foot problems.

Customer Testimonial

I’ve had foot problems ever since I can remember. I had hammertoes and my feet were really flat.  When I was about 19 or 20 my walking got so bad I was walking like a 70 year old.  I tried on a pair of Z-Coil’s and I walked better then I ever had in my whole life. I’ve been wearing them ever since and at 26 I walk better then I have my whole life!  Saphron R. Lumberton, Texas

If you are flat footed you may be thinking that you can buy some insoles at the grocery store and this will take care of everything. However, putting insoles in your shoes means there is less room for your feet, which can cause a variety of other issues. And, often times, insoles don’t solve all of the problems you are having with your feet. A much better solution is Z-CoiL® flat feet footwear!

Its CRITICAL that you wear footwear that matches your natural arch height particularly if you have flat feet.  Its important your arch is supported to prevent it from falling as you age, but not apply too much pressure.  The built-in Z-Orthotic in all Z-CoiL Footwear can be heat adjusted to accommodate flat feet.  Once heat adjusted it will not return back to its original shape giving your flat feet years of proper support, pain prevention and unparalleled comfort.

Z-CoiLs are uniquely engineered to protect your feet—with a shock-absorbing coil under the heel, a rigid Z-Orthotic, and a round rocker bottom. These three features help to protect your body from the impact of each step and make walking smooth and effortless. You’ll not only feel better, you’ll walk with a whole new confidence and stability.

Z-CoiL Cruiser Black

Cruiser Black from Z-CoiL. Now $199.95

We are so sure that you’ll find relief from pain caused by flat feet that we offer a 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee. We have sold 1 million pairs of Z-CoiL Footwear since 1995, and we think you’ll see why as soon as you see what a difference they make. Buy now and get Free Shipping—and leave the pain of flat feet behind forever.  Make sure to specify when ordering or visiting a dealer that you have flat feet and the proper adjustments will be made for your particular feet.

Cruiser Black Slip Resistant shoes by Z-CoiL® are anatomically designed to fit the foot properly and cushion every part of your foot. That’s why the Cruiser is our most popular style and the perfect shoe for you to try Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®. If you buy today you can get the Cruiser at a special introductory price of $199.95. Take these Cruisers home – your feet will thank you!

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