There are some common misconceptions about flat feet. Maybe you’ve heard that they are just part of getting older, if they don’t cause you pain you don’t have to do anything about them, or if they do bother you your body will just naturally adapt to them in time.


However, these simply aren’t true. Flat feet don’t just naturally come with aging – proper footwear can keep you from getting flat feet. If you don’t have pain from flat feet, you need to do something about it before you do. And, your body won’t just “get used to” flat feet – in fact, if you don’t do something now to take care of your flat feet, you will start to develop other problems and pains, such as lower body joint pain, fallen arches, and impact injury from walking on hard surfaces.


You need to know that if you have flat feet, doing nothing is not an option. Flat feet can lead to even more foot problems, and can mean alignment problems and wear on the joints, which means even more pain. You also need to know about Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®!


Z-CoiLs are specially made to relieve the pain of flat feet. The shock-absorbing coil under the heel helps to protect you from the jarring impact that comes with every step, impact that you can’t help but feel when you have flat feet and you’re wearing typical shoes. Z-CoiLs also have a rigid orthotic foundation, the Z-Orthotic, which stabilizes the plantar ligaments, giving flat feet the support and protection they need. Z-CoiLs also have almost an inch of soft cushioning to protect the ball of the foot, and a round rocker bottom sole to help make forward motion easy, smooth, and effortless.


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We have sold over 1 million pairs of Z-CoiLs since 1995. That’s a lot of happy customers! And many of those customers are so happy because they’ve tried the Gray/Navy Slip Resistant Cruiser, one of our best sellers. The Cruiser was made to provide pain relief, comfort, and safety, with a breathable mesh, a slip-resistant sole to keep you safely on your feet, and all the other features that make Z-CoiLs unique.


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