Most foot pain resulting from flat feet can be remedied with rest, the right shoes or other mild treatments. In rare cases, surgery may be indicated for flat feet pain relief.

Indications for Surgery

The natural arch of the foot is integral to the proper absorption and transfer of impact. Without it, excessive impact delivered to joints in the foot and along the kinetic chain (i.e. ankles, knees, hips and lower back) causes misalignment. If your feet and body do not respond to other flat feet treatments, like stretching exercises or arch support, surgery may be necessary to prevent flat feet from contributing to further injury.

Flat Feet SurgeryTypes of Surgery for Flat Feet

Depending on the injury that may have caused flat feet or the effect flat feet are having on other lower body joints, surgery for flat feet may entail:

  • Fusing foot and/or ankle bones
  • Removing bone spurs
  • Bone grafting
  • Cleaning tendons
  • Adding tendons

Because of the cost and the lengthy recovery period, surgery should always be considered a last resort.

An Alternative Flat Feet Treatment

The right shoes can do more than provide pain relief for flat feet. They can help you avoid surgery.

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® are engineered to provide effective treatment from your feet all the way up your spine.

    The spring-loaded heel reduces impact by up to 60% with each step (according to tests conducted by the US Department of Energy), protecting joints from excessive stress forces.

    The built-in Z-Orthotic™ provides rigid ligament support to keep ligaments in their natural position and in a state of semi-rest while you carry on with your active lifestyle.

    Adjustable arch support adapts to your arch height and enhances shoe comfort.

    The customizable coil system corrects abnormal gaits (i.e. over-pronation and supination) to encourage natural joint alignment.

Z-CoiL shoes provide immediate pain relief and address the source of most lower body joint health issues. That makes Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear an effective (and cost-effective) alternative to surgery.

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