While most causes of foot pain can be effectively addressed with rest and non-invasive treatments, conditions that are left untreated may worsen so that surgery becomes an option for foot pain relief.

Types of Foot Surgery

Health care providers usually try non-invasive treatments for foot pain before progressing to more intense therapies like cortisone shots and prescription medications. When these fail to provide adequate foot pain relief, surgery may be considered.

Possible surgery procedures to address foot pain include:Foot Surgery

Because of the extensive (and often painful) recovery and risk involved, surgery for foot pain should only be considered after all other treatment options have been exhausted.

A Natural Alternative to Surgery

One foot pain relief treatment option often overlooked is proper footwear. The right shoes can provide effective pain relief, and, in the case of Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®, actually treat the underlying causes of many conditions that result in foot pain—impact, ligament instability and improper fit.

The patented technology and innovative design of Z-CoiL shoes deliver impact reduction, rigid support of a built-in orthotic and customizable fit to stop pain in its tracks. Many Z-CoiL wearers experience immediate and lasting foot pain relief that has allowed them to avoid surgery.

Foot Pain Relief is Available Now

You don’t have to go to the operating room for foot pain relief. Effective foot pain relief is available in a local store. Find a Z-CoiL distributor near your or contact us to order the shoes that fit your personal style and preferred activities. If Z-CoiL shoes don’t provide the foot pain relief you need, we’ll take them back within 30 days, no questions asked.

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