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Years of wearing ill-fitting shoes can have disastrous effects on your feet, including toe deformities like hammertoe and mallet toe. Damage to toes can be prevented and effectively treated with the right footwear.

How Hammertoe Happens

Hammertoe and mallet toe are similar deformities; the difference is simply in the toe joint affected. Hammertoe is an unnatural bend in the middle of the toe while mallet toe is an unnatural bend in the joint closest to the tip.

Hammertoe and mallet toe result from toes being pushed into a constricting toe box. When toes do not have the room to lie flat when under pressure during the toe-off stage of the gait cycle, they bend. Hammertoes and mallet toes may straighten when out of shoes, but over time, tendons can shorten, making the bend permanent.

Hammertoe and mallet toe are common in women who wear high-heeled and/or pointy-toed shoes.

Help for Hammertoes

Treating hammertoe and mallet toe is the best way to avoid invasive procedures and a lot of pain. When you first notice an unnatural bend, switch to shoes that provide ample toe room and ask your health care provider about stretching/strengthening exercises. These treatments may help reverse the deformity before tendons permanently shorten. Your doctor may also recommend orthotics to (re)distribute impact during the gait cycle to diminish stress on toes.

If pain persists and the deformity is permanent, surgery may be the only way to correct hammertoe or mallet toe.

Heel to Toe Foot Health

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