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Your heel is the first part of your body to strike the ground, so it absorbs and transfers the greatest force of impact. It’s no wonder, then, that repetitive stress from walking, running and standing on unforgiving surfaces often results in heel pain. But there is no reason to live with heel pain or let it limit your mobility.

Understanding Heel PainPerson with Heel Pain

Some heel pain may be caused by heel spurs, the result of untreated plantar fasciitis, or it may fall under the diagnosis of “heel pain syndrome.” In either case, the cause is the same—repetitive impact.

Treatment Options for Heel Pain

The most effective treatment for heel pain deals with the source of the pain—impact, making the right footwear essential. Z-CoiL® shoes reduce impact by 40-60%, providing significant relief from heel pain. Z-CoiL treatment—the effect of Z-CoiL shoes’ innovative design and patented technology—also allows wearers to correct an abnormal gait and redistribute forces of impact to allow overstretched ligaments to heal, making Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear an alternative to surgery.

Stop Heel Pain, Start Moving

Heel pain can keep you from enjoying athletic activities and even make daily errands unbearable. But effective pain relief allows you to resume your active lifestyle. You can get moving again with Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear.

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