You may not know exactly what a heel spur is, but you know how it hurts. You know that shooting pain you feel with every step you take. If you’ve been to the doctor about your heel spurs, he has probably told you that the best thing you can do is rest, but how realistic is this? You’ve got things to do and places to go – don’t let heel spur pain put a stop to your active life!


Instead, for heel spur treatment, get Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®!


Heel spurs result from over-flexibility of the plantar ligaments, and excessive impact to the feet. Z-CoiL® heel spur footwear prevent both of these and offer your feet the support and comfort they need. The rigid, Z-Orthotic stabilizes the plantar ligaments. The coil under the heel absorbs the jarring impact that can come with each step you take. The extra cushioning for the ball of the foot helps to protect it from strain. And, the round rocker bottom sole helps to make each step you take smooth and effortless.


Give our Gray/Navy Slip Resistant Cruiser a try! This top-selling shoe not only gives you the comfort and pain-relief that you get from any Z-CoiL footwear, but it also has a slip-resistant outsole to keep you safely on your feet, and a breathable mesh to help you stay cool.


Whether you choose the Cruiser or another style, our Z-CoiL footwear will give you heel spur pain relief and allow you to be active again. We are so sure you’ll be satisfied that we offer a 30 DAY RISK FREE GUARANTEE. And, we offer FREE SHIPPING. You can’t lose!

We have sold over 1 million pairs of Z-CoiLs since 1995. That’s a lot of happy, pain-free customers, and we think you’ll be happy and pain-free, too!


Heel spurs don’t have to slow you down. Call 800-268-6239 and a customer service representative will be happy to help you. Order Z-CoiLs and put a stop to the pain today!