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Your body has an amazing ability to adapt and change to better suit your surrounding environment and respond to stressors. Unfortunately, some of the adaptations or protective measures end up causing more pain in the long run. Heel bone spurs are one example.

Understanding Heel Bone SpursHeel Spur Pain

When your body is stressed by frequent, intense impact, which is nearly inevitable when walking, standing or running on unforgiving surfaces like concrete and asphalt, the ligaments running the length of the bottom of the foot may be overstretched. The overstretching and tearing of these ligaments is a condition known as plantar fasciitis. If left untreated, the plantar ligaments begin to pull away from the bone. In response, the body begins to calcify the site of injury, causing a heel bone spur.

Treatment Options for Heel Bone Spurs

By themselves, heel bone spurs are not painful. Heel pain is caused by the bone spurs irritating the surrounding soft tissues. There are many treatment options for heel bone spurs, ranging from over the counter pills to heel spur removal surgery. However, one of the most effective treatments may be finding the right footwear.

Shoes recommended for heel spur pain relief must provide rigid support while at the same time reducing impact to the plantar ligaments, and that’s exactly what Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear does.

My heels were hurting and the front part of my foot was hurting. Several doctors kept telling me I needed surgery. After wearing Z-CoiL shoes for two weeks, all the pain was gone.
Liz O., , California

Get the Right Shoes, Get Moving

Heel pain caused by heel bone spurs keeps many people from running or enjoying other athletic pursuits, but it doesn’t have to. The right shoes can provide effective pain relief from heel bone spurs and allow you to resume your active lifestyle. The patented technology behind Z-CoiL® treatment provides the stability, support and impact reduction you need to get moving again pain free.

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