Do you suffer with heel spurs? This painful foot condition begins with the overstretching and tearing of ligaments in the foot, and the separation of the ligament from the heel bone. Ouch! We know how much heel spurs can hurt, and we also know the solution to help you feel better!

Some heel spurs will heal on their own when you confine yourself to bed rest. Your doctor may recommend cortisone shots or even surgery. However, these are extreme solutions, especially when simply changing your shoes may be the answer for heel spur pain relief.

Customer Testimonial
Well I bought my Z-Coil shoes in the summer of 2008 and still wearing the but I wore out in insoles.  I always wore New Balance shoes for work and when I went to Tulsa, OK as a Respiratory Therapist, there were nurses wearing Z-Coil shoes.  So I went to the uniform store and bought a pair.  This is the best pair on work shoes I have ever had.  There has been $1300 worth of New Balance shoes that I haven’t had to buy for work.  Everyone ask me about my shoes. I tell them this is best shoe i’v ever had.  I have tried since 2008 to get my wife to buy a pair, she is a ICU nurse but she wouldn’t listen.  About 4mos ago she went to a foot Dr. and found out she has a BIG heel spur and her feet were killing her.  I told her we were go to go buy a pair of Z-Coil, so we drove a 110 miles one way to Erie, Pa. and bought them.  Two or three weeks later her heel pain is gone..  I said I told you so, now we are both Z-Coil customers like me forever.” ~Keith Phelps

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®is specially designed to relieve your heel spur pain. Our shoes come with the Z-Orthotic, which is rigid support that provides protection for the ligaments of your foot. Our shoes also have almost an inch of soft cushioning, to protect the ball of the foot from strain, and a round rocker bottom sole to make forward motion smooth and effortless. The shock-absorbing coil under the heel protects your foot from the impact of every step.

If you suffer with heel spur pain, Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®can help. The spring, the Z-Orthotic, the extra cushioning, and the round rocker bottom sole work together to give you some much-needed heel spur pain relief, so you can live your life again.

Z-CoiL Cruiser Black. Now $199.95

Z-CoiL Cruiser Black. Now $199.95

We have sold over 1 million pairs of shoes since 1995, and we’re sure they will relieve your heel spurs. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can send take advantage of our 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee, send the shoes back, and receive a full refund. Buy today and receive Free Shipping. Purchase Z-CoiL®footwear and leave the pain of heel spurs behind.

Wondering which Z-CoiL® shoe to try? How about our all-time best seller, the Cruiser Black Slip Resistant. The Cruiser is specially designed to fit the anatomy of the foot properly and cushion every step. If you act today, you’ll get our introductory low-price of $199.95. Hurry! This price won’t last long. Slip on a pair of Z-CoiL’s and leave your heel spur pain behind.

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