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The Z-CoiL opportunity is as revolutionary as our footwear. It’s not just about selling shoes, It’s about helping to improve the lives of people who suffer every day from crippling foot, leg, and back pain. It’s the chance to offer a remarkable product that answers a rapidly growing need.


  1. Retail Opportunity – We are actively seeking new distribution in key retail markets, primarily through independent comfort shoe stores, uniform and medical retailers, or independently owned Z-CoiL stores. Click here to learn more.
  1. Business/Corporate Opportunity – Increase productivity and retain your employees by signing up your corporation or industry to receive a corporate discount. Call 800-268-6239 to sign up today or click here to learn more!
  1. Affiliate Vendor Opportunity – Earn commissions as an affiliate vendor by referring customers from your website, blog, or emails. Z-CoiL handles all transactions and customer service once your visitor has clicked on the link to our site. We track all transactions from your website, blogs or emails and pay commissions for referred business to us through click-thru purchases. Click here to learn more.  


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