Arthritis is a common cause of knee pain, and research is showing a strong link between arthritis, weight and body composition among sufferers.

Research on the Osteoarthritis-Overweight Connection

Historically, osteoarthritis has been considered a “wear and tear” condition. Knee (and other lower body joint) pain was thought to be the result of worn cartilage pads and inflammation of tissues surrounding the bones. Carrying extra weight made the problem worse because the increased impact wore out tissues faster.

But with the incidence of arthritis and obesity on the rise, researchers have begun to investigate the connection further. Studies are showing that excess fat tissue actually chemically contributes to the inflammatory process, making arthritis in the knees more likely in overweight individuals.

Illustration of Knee JointsSo, overweight people seem to face a vicious cycle: arthritis-related knee pain keeps them from getting the exercise they need to lose weight. Extra weight contributes to the inflammatory response, speeds up mechanical wear and tear on lower body joints and increases the risk for impact-induced injury.

Breaking the Cycle: Shoes for Knee Pain Relief

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