If you have chronic leg pain, chances are you avoid activities that aggravate the pain like standing, walking and running. If chronic leg pain has limited your mobility and hampered your lifestyle, there are effective treatment options to help you regain mobility and live life on your terms.

Understanding Chronic Leg Pain

Some leg pain is short-term—tightness or cramping after a long run, for instance. Such acute leg pain usually subsides naturally with rest and over-the-counter pain relievers. Chronic leg pain, however, persists for weeks. It is often the result of another condition, such as:Illustration of Leg Pain

The causes of leg pain vary from injury to degenerative disease. Understanding the source of the leg pain is often the key to finding effective leg pain treatment.

Chronic Leg Pain Treatment Options

Treatment for leg pain will vary considerably depending on the cause. Sciatica-related leg pain, for instance, may involve treatment to relieve pressure on nerves in the lower back. Leg pain resulting from blood clots or peripheral arterial disease, on the other hand, may involve specialized products like compression stockings and/or prescription medications. For some cases, surgery may be considered.

Many treatments for chronic leg pain take time to work. That leaves people avoiding activity to avoid pain. The right footwear, however, can provide immediate leg pain relief that allows sufferers to resume an active lifestyle while an underlying health concern is addressed.

Say Goodbye to Chronic Leg Pain

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear is engineered to provide leg pain relief and effective treatment for a number of underlying conditions, like sciatica. Wearers often experience pain-free movement because of the significant impact reduction—up to 60% less impact with every step according to tests conducted by the US Department of Energy.

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