Are you tired of enduring constant lower back pain? Maybe you dread the pain of a new day from the second you start to put on those old shoes. Maybe by the end of the day you can barely move because it hurts so bad.


Lower Back Pain Relief from Z-CoiL


Z-CoiL® has the solution for you!  Z-CoiL® lower back pain footwear is specifically designed to relieve the pain you thought you were stuck with forever. The lower back is an intricate machine, made up of muscles, tendons, ligaments, connectives tissues, nerves, and bones. Problems with anyone one of these means lower back pain that has you aching as you try to go about your day—or even worse, spending the day in bed, losing time at work and time you should be spending enjoying your life.


Customer Testimonial 

I have had my Z-CoiLs for 4 years now and to me it is just amazing how after all this time using them there are no other shoe that compares. I have tried them all but I keep going back to my Z-CoiL’s because my leg pain is gone and the lower back pain is almost gone when I wear them. When I wear something else I have several days of very bad pain after that but when I am back to wearing my Z-CoiLs again the pain kind of just goes away. I tell people that wearing my Z-CoiLs is like walking on pillows all day long. They are that great! I can’t wait to get my next pair.

Lisa S – Merrifield, Minnesota

 Z-CoiL Testimonial Woman


There are three ways Z-CoiL® footwear relieves lower back pain. Z-CoiL Footwear is famous for the shock absorbing coil under the heel. This coil helps to protect your feet, and your lower back, from the jarring impact your body gets every time you take a step.  US Department of Energy studies verify 40-50% reduction in impact over conventional comfort footwear.


Impact is the primary cause of lower back pain and just a few steps in Z-CoiL Footwear and you will notice the difference. Most wearers stand straighter and immediately experience less pain.  Z-CoiL Footwear also has a Z-Orthotic that helps to support and protect your foot.  The Z-Orthotic is the worlds only build-in rigid Orthotic which supports your plantar ligaments reducing heel pain and plantar fascia. And, there is the extra soft cushioning that prevents strain at the ball of the foot, and a round rocker bottom sole that makes walking smooth and effortless.

Sciatic Pain Relief From Z-CoiL

When you wear Z-CoiL® lower back pain footwear, the unique engineering will bring you not only relief from lower back pain, but also improved posture, stability, and confidence in each step. Over 1 million pairs of Z-CoiL Footwear have been sold since 1995—buy your own pair today with our offer of Free Shipping and find out why.

We think you’ll feel immediate relief as soon as you put on your Z-CoiLs, but if you aren’t satisfied with your Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®, simply send the shoes back for a full refund. All of our shoes are backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Banish back pain by purchasing a pair of Z-CoiL footwear today!

We can be reached at 800.268.6239 with any questions or you can ask us a question by email (click here).