Doctors and foot specialists may recommend or prescribe orthotics for a number of reasons:

  • To provide arch support for flat feet
  • To restrict or aid mobility in the ankle and foot
  • As complementary treatment for back pain

Most orthotic treatments entail custom devices fabricated to fit a mold of your foot (and ankle/lower leg). While custom orthotics conform to your body’s unique contours, they often do not fit easily in your shoes.

Many custom and after-market orthotics are flexible and do not have the strength required to effectively support the plantar ligaments. In fact, flexibility defeats the purpose of an orthotic entirely.

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®‘s patented technology and innovative design provides a better alternative.

Z-Orthotic PictureFeatures for Foot Support

Unlike after-market orthotics that may cramp foot space, Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear has a built-in orthotic. The Z-Orthotic™ provides rigid support for plantar ligaments, but because it is integrated into the shoe’s structure, it allows ample room in the toe box.

The Z-Orthotic™ gently curves to provide arch support, and may be adjusted to better fit your arch height. In addition to the orthotic, Z-CoiL shoes also come with adjustable arch support insoles, so you may select the support height most comfortable for you.

The Z-Orthotic is incredibly rigid and supportive, made from the highest quality materials giving you years of reliable support.

Features for Lower Body Joint Support and Pain Relief

The Z-Orthotic alone may help to correct abnormal gaits (i.e. over-pronation or supination) that often result in pain up the kinetic chain in the ankles, knees, hips and back. But more significant pain relief treatment is achieved by the unique spring-loaded heel.

Z-CoiL‘s patented coil reduces impact by up to 60% (according to tests conducted by the US Department of Energy) with every step. The impact reduction protects delicate joints from jarring movements. Because the coils can be rotated to balance abnormal gaits, they encourage natural joint alignment, which helps reduce inflammation and promote healing.

A Cost-Effective Alternative

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear may be covered by your health benefits plans if orthotics have been prescribed for foot, ankle or back pain. Talk to your health care provider about the Z-CoiL alternative to custom after-market orthotics or insoles.

Find the Z-CoiL shoes that fit your style and preferred activities. Contact us to order for find a Z-CoiL distributor near you. All Z-CoiL products come with a risk-free 30-day trial, so you’ve got nothing to lose but your pain!

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear provides a better alternative to custom orthotics for foot, ankle and back pain treatment. Contact us to order yours today!


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