Propelling the body forward requires the transfer of impact from the heel to the toes. But absorbing and transferring excessive impact can cause your foot to roll inward, putting stress on the inside (medial side) of the foot.

Understanding PronationNormalFootPressure

During the gait cycle, impact is transferred along the foot to propel the body forward.

Ideally, during the heel strike, impact should be transferred along the lateral side (outside) of the foot. As weight is transferred forward, pressure should be evenly disbursed across the ball of the foot and into the toes. At toe-off, pressure should move inward, primarily up the middle of the big and second toes.

For people who over-pronate, the foot collapses inwards, putting pressure along the arch-side of the foot. Impact is channeled to the ball of the foot just under the big and second toes and continues up the medial side of the big toe during toe-off.

There are a number of causes of over-pronation, many of which are related to anatomical structure in the lower extremities. The effects of over-pronation may include conditions that cause foot pain and pain along the kinetic chain.

Prevention and Treatment

Research shows that over-pronation is related to impact—the more impact your feet sustain, the more likely and severely you are to over-pronate. That’s why over-pronation is so common in runners. Wearing running shoes for pronation and/or orthotics can help prevent and correct the abnormal inward motion.

Many of the same methods to prevent over-pronation are effective in correcting over-pronation and treating chronic pain that results from over-pronation.

Balance Begins at the Bottom

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