2.0 Coil Cover Black

2.0 Coil Cover Black

Style #: FP-CECC-BLK

$20.00 USD Or pay 3 Payments of $6.67 USD without interest

The 2.0 CoiL Cover is an easy option to “enclose” your Z-CoiL Spring.  The enclosure is designed to keep out debris, cords and cables.  The 2.0 Fits the Z-CoiL China/2.0 models.


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Product Description

Note:  It does not fit any 1.0/Korea footwear. The 2.0 CoiL Cover is black and is sold as a pair.


The 2.0 coil cover fits the following Z-CoiL Styles:

  1. Cruiser
  2. Daydream
  3. Jubilee
  4. Desert Hiker 2.0
  5. Z-Walker 2.0
  6. Z-Force Boot
  7. Workforce Boot
  8. Diamondback


Installation Instruction

Step 1.  Remove the insole from each shoe.

Step 2.  Below the insole is a “trap door.”  Lift up the door and unscrew the spring with a Phillips screwdriver.  Use caution not to strip the screw.  Note the orientation of the spring before removing by observing the direction the spring-end is pointing.

Step 3.  Separate the spring from the shoe.

Step 4.  Place the coil cover over the spring.  The side with the circular hole must face upward and the more curved portion must match up with the back of the heel. Coil Covers are marked “left” and “right.”


Re-attach the spring in the orientation you observed in Step 2. Tighten as much as you can without stripping the screw.  Note: Z-CoiL springs can be adjusted in 90° increments to adjust for under or over pronation.  Turning the coil will affect the resistance on the inside and outside of your shoes and may alleviate or cause pronation. The factory position is shown below:


stock position - nomal gait

 Please call your Z-CoiL headquarters with any questions @ 800.268.6239.


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