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Liberty Gray Slip Resistant

Item# FW-K1004

4.75 out of 5
(4 customer reviews)


The Liberty is our original top selling walker/runner.   You will forget you have a shoe on as the Liberty absorbs each bump and cradles your foot in comfort.

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Product Description


The Liberty is our best shoe for serious walkers and runners.  Soft full grain leather and stretch mesh upper is breathable and quick drying.  The Z-CoiL springs and orthotic stabilize the foot, yet provide massive cushioning — rendering the hardest road completely harmless.



  1. Genuine full grain leather
  2. Replaceable spring – ships with the open coil
  3. Breathable mesh – helps to keep the foot cool
  4. Forefoot EVA cushioning – cushions the ball of the foot and toes
  5. Built-in Z-Orthotic® –  protects plantar ligaments
  6. Slip resistant (SR) outsole – provides traction on slick hard surfaces
  7. Wide toe box – sets your toes free
  8. Padded collar and tongue – reduces foot friction
  9. Felt lined removable insole – conforms to your foot shape
  10. Made in Korea


Replacement Parts:


SR 1.0 Open CoilReplace with the 1.0 Open Slip Resistant Coil.  Click Here.  Item# FP-KOC112









Enclosed CoiL:  The 1.0 slip-resistant enclosed heel  is embedded with mesh for exceptional durability and life. Order Here.  Item #FP-KEC112.  To upgrade your purchase from an “open” coil to an “enclosed” coil for $20, simply add the enclosed coil to your cart during checkout.  Next add “COILCOVER” in the coupon section, and we will replace the open coil for an enclosed coil.  The discount will be reflected in your total.

Enclosed Heel Slip Resistant


4 reviews for Liberty Gray Slip Resistant

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Are you kidding? I love my z-coils!!!! I first saw them at Irving’s shoe fly in York, pa and tried them on on a dare because they were so strange… This pair is my second purchase and they are the only shoes I’ll wear for walking and running. I get stopped all the time when people ask me about them. With two herniated discs, they let me continue to exercise with minimal pain.

    I’m wearing them right now in the Charlotte airport! Absolutely a five!!!


  2. 5 out of 5


    I am a nurse…..and I have been wearing Z Coils for all.most 6 years…I will forever wear Z Coils…..love them!!!!!! While most nurses are complaining about their feet hurting …I can walk for miles!!!!

  3. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have been wearing Z-CoiL’s for 4-5 years. I am a nurse and work 12 hour shift that are extremely difficult on my feet and body. With the Z-Coil Liberty my back completely stopped hurting. My knees also stopped hurting. The balance and support is great. They are a little expensive but well worth the money. My first pair lasted 2 years.

  4. 5 out of 5


    This shoe is one of my greatest conversation starters, Everywhere I go people ask me where I got them, I heard about them from my fed ex delivery driver. I would give them a five star rating for comfort as they have helped a lot with my Plantar Facitius, Before Z-CoiL I was hardly able to walk because of the pain I was experiencing, since then my pain levels have dropped considerably and I am able to work almost pain free. Most Importantly I am able to dance again. Thank you Z-CoiL.

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