1.0 Open Coils Light Pink Slip Resistant
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Colored Coil - Light Pink - New from Z-CoiL

1.0 Open Coils Light Pink Slip Resistant

Style #: FP-KOCL01

$59.95 USD Or pay 3 Payments of $19.98 USD without interest

Brighten your life with the  light pink colored replaceable spring.  This open spring system fits all Z-CoiL shoes made in Korea.  This product is sold as a pair.


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Product Description


1.  This 1.0 part fits all Korean made Z-CoiL Product.  If you are not sure this part will fit your shoe – please reference your shoe label to see where it was manufactured.

2.  Slip resistant outsole – helps to prevent slipping on water. The outsole has fiber mesh embedded into the rubber for added strength.


How to Replace:

Step 1.  Remove the insole from each shoe.

Step 2.  Below the insole is a “trap door.”  Lift up the door and unscrew the spring with a Phillips screwdriver.  Use caution not to strip the screw.

Step 3.  Re-attach the spring in EXACTLY the same orientation as the old spring.  Tighten as much as you can without stripping the screw.  Note: Z-CoiL springs can be adjusted in 90 degree increments to adjust for pronation.  Turning the coil will affect the resistance on the inside/outside of your feet and may cause under or over pronation.

 Step 4.  Call the Z-CoiL headquarters with any questions @ 800.268.6239


Z-CoL Spring Stock Position - nomal gait



Over – Pronation adjustment:

All Z-CoiL springs can be adjusted for over-pronation (feet that roll too far inward).   We recommend visiting a dealer if you are are unsure about pronation.


To adjust for more severe pronation switch the left coil to the right shoe and vise-versa.  For moderate pronation you can rotate the coils 90 degrees (left foot counterclockwise and right foot clockwise).  Click here for a reference guide.   Any coil adjustment will add more resistance to the inside of the foot which helps to keep the foot level if you over-pronate.



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