The causes of over-pronation vary from anatomical abnormalities to a consequence of excessive impact. But the effects of over-pronation are often the same: chronic foot and lower body joint pain.

Anatomic Explanation

During a normal gait cycle, impact is transferred along the lateral side of the foot and then evenly disbursed along the width of the ball of the foot. Over-pronation, however, directs impact transfer to the medial (inside) side of the foot. shin splintThe foot and ankle rolls inward (more than 15°), and impact is ultimately loaded to the big toe. The inward movement of the muscles, tendons and ligaments increases the rotation of the tibia (shin bone).

In an effort to maintain balance, the body often makes compensatory movements. Unfortunately, these movements may pull joints along the kinetic chain—knees, hips and lower back—out of alignment.

Possible Outcomes

Joint misalignment and microtears in connective tissues resulting from over-pronation contributes to a number of conditions that cause acute and chronic foot and joint pain, including:

Improper impact transfer along the foot and up the kinetic chain can cause undue wear on joints, leading to or exacerbating arthritis.

Specialty Shoes for Prevention and Treatment

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