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Living in Portland, Oregon at the time, I am extremely overweight and was told all my problems were due to that.(which I knew). Was unable to walk any distance, taking small steps, could not breathe. Saw Z-Coils in a window, thought they looked so "funky" they couldn't be for real. Went in, tried them on for a lark. Was able to not only walk, but stride instead of mincing along. Bought them and once I was able to walk normally again, found I had even more trouble breathing. To make a long story short, they found I had colon cancer and I was told if it had been 3-4 weeks later they would not have been able to remove it. I credit the Z-Coils for saving my life. Without them I never would have been able to move normally and be diagnosed properly. I am now 10 years cancer free. THANK YOU Z-COIL. I have not used another type of shoe since. Have regular shoes and also sandals. Love them both. P.S. Also, I was buying a new pair of shoes every 6 months as they wore out so fast. Have only had to replace the coils and 1 pair of shoes in the last 10 years. Wonderful. Not only a life saver but a money saver too.
BethAnn M
Glasco, Kansas

I have battled plantar fasciitis and four heel spurs for many years, being overweight and always working on concrete floors. Recently I developed a ganglion cyst on top of my foot as well from a stress fracture. All on one foot! I would come home from work literally hobbling and in tears because the pain was so intense. I would soak my feet in ice water to reduce the inflammation and do all the stretches required to relieve the pain, but nothing eased my problems. I have had professional orthotics made and tried many over the counter orthotics and name brand shoes as well...even duct tape. Then I discovered z-coil shoes. The first day that I wore them to work my knees kept popping and my ankles would pop...even my back when I sat down for lunch crunched multiple times. My whole body was realigning from years of abuse. My feet still hurt a lot though because I needed adjustments made. I returned to the store and they have done adjustments two times to my shoes. I have been wearing them for about a month now and I am now about 90% pain-free. I still continue to stretch my tendons which are healing slowly but no longer do ice soaks and I have no more tears and hobbling. Each day I become stronger and more pain-free. I have even become more active and I have lost over 30 lbs. in the last month. I thank God everyday that these shoes are available and that they are a true "tool" to the working individual. I cannot wait to get another pair. I advocate these shoes everywhere that I go and I boldly advise those that are having pain from your knees, back, ankles, to problematic feet to get these shoes. Don't be afraid of there appearance either, they draw a little bit of attention, but mostly just curiosity from those that have never seen them before. They are my shoes for life! I wouldn't be able to continue working and providing for my family if it weren't for Z-CoiL shoes. Thank you so much for taking the time to create a shoe that actually helps people improve their way of life!
Carla S
Brazil, Indiana

I am a security guard and I walk around 30 miles a week or better. I have a bit of a weight issue for myself. When I went to look at a pair of Z-CoiLs I never thought that I would have been walking out of the store with a pair, but I did and then on it was Z-CoiLs all the way, they were the best investment that I could have done for myself to this day. People might think that it is a big price to pay but it is all worth it and then some.
Tanya M
Port Deposit, Maryland

I just wanted to thank you for your Z-CoiL shoe. It has turned my life around. I went from being an extremely active 28-year-old to no activity whatsoever due to a car accident 15 years ago. After 14 years of pain and inactivity I gained 170 pounds. Yes, I tipped the scale at 400 pounds. The only thing helping me hold the weight was my height of 6 ft. 4 in. I saw your infomercial and thought I would try your shoes.

I put them on and it’s crazy to say I did not want to stop walking. I walked and walked, then I progressed to running. I finally was able to enjoy life with my wife and kids, and before I knew it, I had lost 95 pounds. I felt so good, I started to sprint and race my kids. I felt so good, I played basketball after 15 years of just watching. The icing on the cake was when my son, 14 years old, told me he was very impressed after we beat a team of 22-year-old guys. He had never seen me play and enjoyed it and hoped to see more of it.

I now suffer from arthritis in my hip and have a hard time walking, but there is something to be said about your Z-CoiLs. Once I put them on, my pain decreases and allows me to walk again, giving me life. I am under 300 pounds and on my way to 250. When people ask me about my shoes, I tell them, “If you want your life back, wear Z-CoiLs.” My kids, wife, and especially me, would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Martin G
Beaverton, Oregon

I have Polycystic Kidney Disease, an inherited untreatable condition characterized by the formation of cysts in the kidneys. As a result of these cysts, some patient’s kidneys become very enlarged; instead the usual healthy kidney size, approximately that of a closed fist, mine are each the size of a half-gallon milk container! With this much kidney mass, walking in conventional shoes had become a problem for me: the forces transmitted through hard heels were jarring my kidneys and causing pain after only a few blocks of walking. After a lot of research, I bought a pair of your shoes from Z-CoiL of Seattle. I'm not prone to overstatement but I can honestly say that my Z-CoiL shoes are a miracle! I can now walk for miles without pain, or only very minimal discomfort (typically when I get carried away and go scrambling over our rocky shorelines!). Thanks for a wonderful product. My Z-CoiL shoes have given me back something I thought I'd lost: - the ability to walk where and when I want, for as long as I please, in total comfort! Thank you,
Barry D
Blaine, Washington

I am a 49 year old female, physically fit. I had plantar fasciitis, and also tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is like "carpal tunnel of the ankles." These conditions were brought on by heavy walking on pavement in Downtown Chicago, with a backpack strapped to my back containing my laptop and business documents. After moving back to Detroit for one year, I had to suspend my walking regimen. I gained weight because I couldn't do pleasure/exercise walking. It was frustrating. My podiatric surgeon recommended I try Z-CoiL shoes. Once I bought them, it was like I got my life back again. When I developed the tarsal tunnel condition in my ankles, I needed maximum shock absorption. The spring-action in Z-CoiL shoes helped me! When I bought the shoes, the store manager said, "Once you buy these, you'll never want to wear anything else." She was so RIGHT! I tell my story all the time. These shoes were the best investment I ever could have made.
Claudia T
Mt. Clemens, Michigan

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