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I have battled plantar fasciitis and four heel spurs for many years, being overweight and always working on concrete floors. Recently I developed a ganglion cyst on top of my foot as well from a stress fracture. All on one foot! I would come home from work literally hobbling and in tears because the pain was so intense. I would soak my feet in ice water to reduce the inflammation and do all the stretches required to relieve the pain, but nothing eased my problems. I have had professional orthotics made and tried many over the counter orthotics and name brand shoes as well...even duct tape. Then I discovered z-coil shoes. The first day that I wore them to work my knees kept popping and my ankles would pop...even my back when I sat down for lunch crunched multiple times. My whole body was realigning from years of abuse. My feet still hurt a lot though because I needed adjustments made. I returned to the store and they have done adjustments two times to my shoes. I have been wearing them for about a month now and I am now about 90% pain-free. I still continue to stretch my tendons which are healing slowly but no longer do ice soaks and I have no more tears and hobbling. Each day I become stronger and more pain-free. I have even become more active and I have lost over 30 lbs. in the last month. I thank God everyday that these shoes are available and that they are a true "tool" to the working individual. I cannot wait to get another pair. I advocate these shoes everywhere that I go and I boldly advise those that are having pain from your knees, back, ankles, to problematic feet to get these shoes. Don't be afraid of there appearance either, they draw a little bit of attention, but mostly just curiosity from those that have never seen them before. They are my shoes for life! I wouldn't be able to continue working and providing for my family if it weren't for Z-CoiL shoes. Thank you so much for taking the time to create a shoe that actually helps people improve their way of life!
Carla S
Brazil, Indiana

I am a security guard and I walk around 30 miles a week or better. I have a bit of a weight issue for myself. When I went to look at a pair of Z-CoiLs I never thought that I would have been walking out of the store with a pair, but I did and then on it was Z-CoiLs all the way, they were the best investment that I could have done for myself to this day. People might think that it is a big price to pay but it is all worth it and then some.
Tanya M
Port Deposit, Maryland

I just wanted to thank you for your Z-CoiL shoe. It has turned my life around. I went from being an extremely active 28-year-old to no activity whatsoever due to a car accident 15 years ago. After 14 years of pain and inactivity I gained 170 pounds. Yes, I tipped the scale at 400 pounds. The only thing helping me hold the weight was my height of 6 ft. 4 in. I saw your infomercial and thought I would try your shoes.

I put them on and it’s crazy to say I did not want to stop walking. I walked and walked, then I progressed to running. I finally was able to enjoy life with my wife and kids, and before I knew it, I had lost 95 pounds. I felt so good, I started to sprint and race my kids. I felt so good, I played basketball after 15 years of just watching. The icing on the cake was when my son, 14 years old, told me he was very impressed after we beat a team of 22-year-old guys. He had never seen me play and enjoyed it and hoped to see more of it.

I now suffer from arthritis in my hip and have a hard time walking, but there is something to be said about your Z-CoiLs. Once I put them on, my pain decreases and allows me to walk again, giving me life. I am under 300 pounds and on my way to 250. When people ask me about my shoes, I tell them, “If you want your life back, wear Z-CoiLs.” My kids, wife, and especially me, would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Martin G
Beaverton, Oregon

I have Polycystic Kidney Disease, an inherited untreatable condition characterized by the formation of cysts in the kidneys. As a result of these cysts, some patient’s kidneys become very enlarged; instead the usual healthy kidney size, approximately that of a closed fist, mine are each the size of a half-gallon milk container! With this much kidney mass, walking in conventional shoes had become a problem for me: the forces transmitted through hard heels were jarring my kidneys and causing pain after only a few blocks of walking. After a lot of research, I bought a pair of your shoes from Z-CoiL of Seattle. I'm not prone to overstatement but I can honestly say that my Z-CoiL shoes are a miracle! I can now walk for miles without pain, or only very minimal discomfort (typically when I get carried away and go scrambling over our rocky shorelines!). Thanks for a wonderful product. My Z-CoiL shoes have given me back something I thought I'd lost: - the ability to walk where and when I want, for as long as I please, in total comfort! Thank you,
Barry D
Blaine, Washington

I am a 49 year old female, physically fit. I had plantar fasciitis, and also tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is like "carpal tunnel of the ankles." These conditions were brought on by heavy walking on pavement in Downtown Chicago, with a backpack strapped to my back containing my laptop and business documents. After moving back to Detroit for one year, I had to suspend my walking regimen. I gained weight because I couldn't do pleasure/exercise walking. It was frustrating. My podiatric surgeon recommended I try Z-CoiL shoes. Once I bought them, it was like I got my life back again. When I developed the tarsal tunnel condition in my ankles, I needed maximum shock absorption. The spring-action in Z-CoiL shoes helped me! When I bought the shoes, the store manager said, "Once you buy these, you'll never want to wear anything else." She was so RIGHT! I tell my story all the time. These shoes were the best investment I ever could have made.
Claudia T
Mt. Clemens, Michigan

I had gotten plantar fasciitis from wearing flip-flops all summer at my job. My walking had slowed down a lot with pain in every step. Every day, I walk a lot. I am up and down the stairs and all over Wal-Mart, so some days I also had hip pain from the walking frequency. I am also overweight so my feet were really taking a beating. I tried a pair of New Balance shoes to correct my pain but, as I realized later, the arch support just wasn't there! I saw a lady with Z-CoiL shoes and asked her about them. I immediately had to check them out. Went into the store, was nervous about the prices, but felt I had no choice but to try them. If they were going to help me walk for my job and keep up with my boss everyday, they were worth the try. It took me about 1-2 weeks to get used to them. I liked them… and then I didn't.; My feelings went back and forth because my inner knees sometimes hurt, but realized it was my body getting used to walking "straight" and "in line" again. I stuck it out and had the shoes adjusted once or twice until I was finally happy with my expensive purchase. Now, I am doing very well and the pain in my feet has subsided. Before Z-CoiL shoes I had frequent visits to the chiropractor and was going almost every other day. Yesterday I was given one month until my next visit. It was then I understood that my shoes are benefitting me in more than one way. I am finally happy with my new shoes and want to refer others to Z-CoiL who need help with their foot problems. Thank you, Z-Coil!!
Amber E
Altoona, Iowa

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