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Plantar Fasciitis

I\'m am a pharmacist who has suffered with plantar faciitis for years. I have had injections, and physical therapy, as well as countless insoles, orthotics, and different shoes, way to many to count. Then the z-coil shoe was mentioned by a nurse that I know while I was visiting my Mother in the hospital. I bought a pair a few days later. Bingo... within days I was walking better and the pain was starting to leave. I had given up all hope. Now I am a true Z-coil fan. I ordered a second pair about a week later and its the only shoe I will wear to work. It has literally changed my life. Thank you so much. As a health care professional I myself will recommend z-coil to anyone who asks... Thanks again Greg Loushin
Greg L
Butte, Montana

I went to a foot Dr. for over 2 years for Plantar Fasciitis and nothing worked. Spent hundreds of dollars in Dr. visits and treatment. Seen a waitress wearing these shoes and asked her about them. She had the same pair for over 8 years and wore them everyday!! She said they got rid of her back pain. So I ordered them and almost immediately my plantar Fasciitis was gone!!! Have been wearing them for over three years everyday at work. Could never stand for any amount of time without being in pain until I got a pair of these shoes. Now I can stand and don't notice any discomfort. I also had constant pain from my sciatic nerve. Couldn't sit for any length of time with out being in pain. That has also disappeared!! I love my shoes and now sell them.
Karen B
Jeddo, Michigan

I have Plantar fasciitis, the textbook kind. I remember being on my knees in grocery lines because it was too painful to stand. The anguish from mentally blocking the pain was indescribable. I tried acupuncture, podiatry, reflexology, physical therapy, and things in California I can't even remember the name of; all had some effect, but no real, long-lasting pain relief. Then one day the pain came roaring back like never before. I had lived like this for 12 years and decided that I no longer wanted to live a life struggling with pain. I decided to kill myself in 24 hours. I went about having a wonderful last day on this earth and visited a friend. "You should try those Z-Coil shoes," he said, having no idea what I had in mind. I figured, what the heck I've got 23 hours left! So I went and tried a pair. The moment I stood up I had a 50% reduction in pain. Five weeks later I went mountain hiking. That was 8 years ago. And I'm still here to tell the story! I tell everyone who asks about my Z-Coils this story. Then I tell them that if they have foot pain, RUN(!!!), don't walk(!!!), and get yourself a pair NOW!!!
Dale T
Albuquerque, New Mexico

At the risk of sounding cliché by parroting all the other testimonials on this site let me qualify the following comments by saying I am typically very cynical and not easily impressed. I am even less likely to have anything nice to say after being separated from a large amount of cash no matter how impressed I am. However, under these extraordinary circumstances, I feel compelled to offer my perspective for what it’s worth…. These silly looking shoes are a Godsend! The genius who invented them has my undying respect and gratitude. Like everyone else who has chosen to offer their experiences here I too was at the end of my rope with debilitating plantar fasciitis pain. My situation is exacerbated by a motorcycle accident in my early 20s (now in my 50s) that did significant damage to my left heel. I do engineering support at a major semiconductor manufacturing company. The cleanroom facility is composed of literally acres of raised metal flooring, which are 2 foot by 2 foot perforated die-cast metal tiles supported by pedestals on all 4 corners. From my experience this is even worse than standing on concrete all day. I had all the classic symptoms of plantar fasciitis i.e. extreme heel pain, worst first thing in the morning, to the point of hardly being able to walk. I tried everything. Two different podiatrists, cortisone shots, physical therapy, a litany of stretch exercises, custom orthotic inserts, ice packs, a variety of expensive shoes, and a nightly regimen of wearing this ridiculous, awkward plastic boot with Velcro straps to bed. After paying thousands of dollars for all of this “treatment”, and wasting hours of my time, nothing worked long term. I had seen several people at work walking around in Z-Coils. Each person I asked said pretty much the same thing. “The best thing I ever did”. I asked my podiatrists about them, but neither of them would endorse the idea. In retrospect they were probably worried about losing a patient! Anyway, I finally capitulated and tried a pair. They felt awesome! Like walking on marshmallows! Within a week I noticed a significant difference. Within 3 weeks, completely pain free for the first time in years! That was 6 months ago. At first I was a little self-conscience about their peculiar appearance, but have long since made peace with it. The complete absence of pain WAY outweighs the fashion hit!
Rob M
Gilbert, Arizona

I have been a Z-CoiL customer for years; they have kept me walking during severe Plantar Fasciitis. They have kept me going on cement brick floors, and now getting out of a high step van. Even so, I just put on this new pair of Haylee shoes that I bought for work and I immediately relaxed and started breathing deeper. Then I felt muscle relaxation and nerve tingling sensation all over my spine, as my whole body relaxed and adjusted to the shoes. This was a new experience even for me a long time Z-CoiL customer. Thanks Z-CoiL people!
Rebecca B

In 2007 while campground hosting in Taos, NM I saw a man walking the camp loop everyday wearing an odd looking pair of shoes so I asked him. His story is that he was just about bedridden due to severe back pain when a friend of his told him about Z-CoiLs, he thought "what do I have to lose" and he soon discovered a new way of life. I suffered from low back pain due to an injury, I've had plantar surgery on both feet, knee surgery as well as tendon issues so I thought "what do I have to lose" and I've discovered a new way of life. People stop me to ask about my shoes and believe me I take the time to tell them about these life saving shoes.
Donna W
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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