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Plantar Fasciitis

I suffered from plantar fasciitis for about a year. I would go home in the evening, take off my shoes and would have to wait at least 30 minutes before getting up and walking around. The pain in my feet was a burning, stinging sensation and it was unbearable. I needed to do something about this, I could not deal with this any longer. I went to my podiatrist and he mentioned a shoe called Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear and explained to me that over time, these shoes can help and take the pain away. I found the nearest Z-CoiL store and it was well worth the trip. Just like the doctor said, within time, I am now pain free and I do not have to wait 30 minutes after taking my shoes off to get up and walk! Thanks, Z-CoiL.
Catherine W
Rye Brook, New York

I have been an RN for 40 years and have functioned in all areas of nursing, including clinical, educational, management, and consulting. Four years ago I decided to return to staff nursing in the emergency department on 12-hour night shifts. I was having tremendous pain in my feet, including heel spurs and plantar inflammation. I saw one of my colleagues at work wearing weird-looking spring shoes and decided to check it out. Z-CoiL shoes have been the best shoes I have ever worked in and have lessened my foot pain significantly. Not a shift goes by that a patient or family does not comment on my shoes. I cant recommend the product enough. I encourage anyone with a job that requires long hours of standing and/or walking to investigate this product. It lives up to its advertising.
Carolyn S
Severna Park, Maryland

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis last fall in my right heel. I went through stretching exercises, ice therapy and rest with only temporary results. This summer I developed the same problem in my left heel as well. I also have back pain from a minor injury 10 year ago. This continued pain concerned me because I am an elementary music specialist and am on my feet with my students all day. The pain was not getting better and school would start back soon. On a family trip to Hot Springs, AR, I ran across the Z-Coil Store, was custom fitted to the Freedom 2000 tennis shoe, and now both my heels feel great. Everywhere I go, I am confronted with stares and whispers because of my shoes. I don't mind "spreading the gospel" of the remarkable way this shoe has relieved my pain. I can't wait to get back to school and give the shoes a real test drive and tell my fellow teachers that they too can get real relief from their back and foot pain. Thank you
Teri H
Sherwood, Arkansas

I am on my feet for my entire shift and I have had problems with plantar fasciitis as well as a bone spur since 2001; I was suffering pain so much that I tried everything, wore a splint to sleep in, wore a boot to walk at work, had cortizone shots and Electronic Shockwave Therapy as a last resort. I spent almost $1000.00 on two different sets of orthotics alone.

I bought a pair of Z-CoiL shoes in March of this year and my life has changed! I love them. I can walk my whole shift with no pain at all. Since I got my awesome shoes (I believe the style is Tia) I have been more active than ever--lost 45 pounds and feel great! I can actually wear other shoes for short periods of time when I have important functions. But I always go back to my Z-CoiL shoes. I love them. Thanks!
Oleda B
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I bought my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes the last week in May of 2007, and my second pair a week later. A former co-worker had stopped by my office to show me hers. They are ugly, yes, but after 48 hours of wearing them, she explained, you get past the ugly. Well, that is very true. I have suffered for years with fibromyalgia, joint pain, back and neck problems, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, etc. Last year I had a ruptured disc that caused nerve damage and pain in my left leg. After a couple of days in my Z-CoiL shoes, the feeling started coming back into my leg and toes again. I am definitely a believer in these shoes. I plan to get a third pair soon.
Sharon B
Geismar, Louisiana

I bought my shoes about a year ago because I had plantar fasciitis so bad that I had to tip toe to the bathroom, or anywhere else for that matter, and that threw everything (my hips knees, back) out of place.

A co-worker of mine at the nursing home that I work at had a pair of Z-CoiL shoes and I became interested because I couldn't stand anymore at all!

I have had my Z-CoiL shoes for one year and I feel like I have my freedom back, considering that even after I take the shoes off now, I can walk through my house with ease! I don't have to take ibuprofen anymore before and during my work day!

Thank you, Z-CoiL inventors, for giving me my life BACK!!
Jennifer W
Dakota City, Iowa

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