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Plantar Fasciitis

My primary hobby has been walking, as well a hiking on weekends. In October 2006, I developed acute pain in my right heel, subsequently diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. My wife, a loyal Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear wearer, suggested I give them a try. I purchased my first pair of shoes, the Anniversary Edition, in March in Zeeland, MI. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear has COMPLETELY relieved my pain! The anticipated long-term benefits of wearing Z-CoiL shoes, coupled with the IMMEDIATE relief I have personally experienced, fuels my passion for sharing the benefits of this amazing product with family, friends and medical colleagues. Thank you, Z-CoiL, I am very pleased.
Dr. Robert S
Defiance, Ohio

Coming up on my 20th anniversary in nursing, I have to say that I can really enjoy my job thanks to Z-CoiL footwear. I have had a problem with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis for over four years. I have a huge collection of athletic shoes, but nothing can take the place of my Z-CoiL shoes. They truly have saved my feet and career. Ive been through the injections, orthotics, cold laser therapy, and much more, finally resulting in surgery, a plantar fasciiotomy. I work for a cardiologist, and you would not believe the number of people that ask about my shoes, and boy, am I glad to tell them. Thank you so much. I now have relief!
Christina F
Metropolis, Illinois

In 2006, I was having a terrible time walking. There were times when I didn't think I was going to make it back into my house from the back yard. I went to the doctor and got a shot in the heel of my foot. Went to another doctor and was told I had plantar fasciitis. I tried medicine, and it worked for awhile.

It was after a year or more of suffering that I heard about Z-CoiL footwear. My wife and I drove 65 miles to the nearest store in Las Vegas, Nevada, to see if this would be the solution to my problem. I purchased a pair and within minutes my feet felt better and I could walk almost pain-free. Within days, I was walking pain-free. I had to do some work in the back yard so I thought I would wear a pair of my regular shoes. Three hours later, I could hardly walk. I went back inside, changed into my Z-CoiL shoes and finished my work with no more problems. I sometimes wonder if sleeping with these shoes on will make my feet feel better in the morning, but my wife said no way was I allowed to sleep with my shoes on.

I wish I had gotten these shoes much earlier. It is so wonderful being able to walk all day with little or no pain. It has also helped my lower back pain. I can't say Z-CoiL shoes will work for everyone, but at least try them. They sure did the job for me.
Phillip J
Pahrump, Nevada

I developed nearly crippling plantar fasciitis while walking in inappropriate shoes for about three days on vacation with my older daughter and her family three years ago. I went to my doctor as soon as I returned to my home town, and that began a long, expensive and unsuccessful journey toward recovery - until I was given a pair of Z-CoiL shoes. Just a few days after walking in them I walked approximately two miles in 45 minutes and felt as if I were walking on air - and had no pain at all. Before Z-CoiL I had to plan my walking/standing time before going out, as by later in the day I simply had to get off my feet. Now I can leave early in the morning, walk all around, stand for long periods of time (telling people who ask me about my shoes for the most part!) and still have plenty of energy at night, with no foot or leg pain through the night. Thank you, Z-CoiL, for giving me my feet back!
Jean C
Wichita, Kansas

I am a Jail Officer (13 years) and a Retired Military Police Officer (20 years). Five years ago while working as a court escort, I developed plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. I bought foot massagers and foot soaking machines and went to a doctor who gave me injections in my heels. I bought new shoes every six months and shoe inserts about every 30 to 45 days, and I still would go to bed at night and my feet would ache very badly. A year ago I went to my wifes family reunion and a brother-in-law was there wearing funny-looking shoes, and he explained he had the same foot problems as me. A friend of his had recommended these shoes and he loved them. I was skeptical.

Well, my feet were killing me, so I decided to spend the money and try a pair. I bought the work boots with covered heels for my job, where I do a lot of walking in 12-hour shifts. After the first day I have been pain-free and now would have paid twice the amount for them. I have since bought the tennis shoes and am planning to buy more. I love them and have been pain-free now for five months. These shoes saved me from having to have surgery. I recommend them to everyone who asks about them. I bought my shoes at Step N Out in Alexandria, VA, and could not have been given any better treatment then Bob (Enoch) and his wife gave me.
Carl H
Dale City, Virginia

In November of 2006 I participated in the 3-day/60-mile breast cancer walk to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This was the third year I had participated in this walk. The first year I wore regular tennis shoes and had some blister problems. I also developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot, which necessitated surgery. The second year I wore a different brand of tennis shoes and had major blister problems and foot pain. The tennis shoes I used both years could not withstand the number of miles I put on them in my training walks and the actual walk. The tread was worn down so the soles of the shoes were flat and smooth, and the insides of the shoes were worn, leaving holes in the fabric.

Because of all my foot pain my doctor suggested I get Z-CoiL shoes for my training for the 2006 walk and for the walk itself. I took his advice and purchased my shoes at Aubry's Therapeutic Footwear in Torrance. These shoes made all the difference for me in my training and the 2006 walk. The foot pain I had been experiencing in both feet disappeared. I only developed a couple of blisters on the walk, but they were not an issue. I'm amazed that with the hundreds of miles I have put on these shoes, they are not worn out. In fact, they're still like new. There is no visible wear on the soles at all and the insides are still in great shape.

I'm so glad I took my doctor's advice. 2006 was the best of the three years I have done the walk.
Pamela S
Santa Clarita, California

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