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Plantar Fasciitis

Before I got my Z-CoiL shoes in 2002 or 2003, I was having a lot of pain with every step due to spurs on my spine, a disc challenge, as well as tendon fasciitis. Another Travel RN (I have returned to school for a PhD in Psychology) told me about them and how much they helped her. I finally went to the Scottsdale Z-CoiL store, was fitted very well, took about 10 steps in them, and my pain was gone! I talk about them every chance I get. Especially rewarding also was when my RN friend, who had foot surgery that went badly, tried a pair on in Albuquerque and walked over the bridge in the back of the store. She had been in excruciating pain with every step, and I wish you could have seen her face when she walked in them the first time. Her face was like she was on cloud nine; her pain was gone. I promised I would be buying her a pair very soon. She loves them and so do I. I wear them almost constantly. Thank you.
Marilyn C
Harlingen, Texas

I started developing plantar fasciitis in September 2005, but did not know what was causing the pain. By March 2006, I could only stand on my feet to walk, etc. a total of about three hours a day. I was determined that I could remedy this problem better than spending non-insurance money at an orthopedic doctor. After research on the Internet, I found a reference to Z-CoiL shoes. I purchased these shoes immediately and have worn them for the last nine months. I no longer have the excruciating heel pain, and I am almost back to normal. It was a gradual process, not overnight. I am happy to say I will be able to wear dressier shoes this Spring to my daughter's college graduation. However, I will continue to be a loyal customer to Z-CoiL. I never want to experience that pain again!!
Jenifer G
Athens, Georgia

I own seven pair because they work! A godsend for my plantar fasciitis and now neuroma.

My Z-CoiL shoes get more comments than my kilts.
Ron M
Page, Arizona

I first saw an article about Z-CoiL shoes in August of 2003. I thought they looked like a good idea, but I was still skeptical.

I am a nurse and work 12-hour shifts. I have had plantar fasciitis for about seven years, and have tried all the different shoes -- Birkenstocks, Dansko, Merrill, Nike -- nothing made any difference. Well, five weeks ago in Tucson, Arizona, I decided to buy a pair of Z-CoiL footwear, as they were the only shoes I had never tried.

After three weeks all my foot pain is gone, and I can now work more than two days in a row. As a matter of fact, I have worked eight days now without difficulty.

People think they look weird, but cool, and kids really get a kick out of them. The best part, though, is jumping out of bed in the morning and my feet don't hurt at all. I was starting to worry that I might have to give up my ER job and get a sit-down job, but I'm good now. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful shoe. I get tons of questions about them and I tell everyone how great they are and where the nearest shop is.
Terrie F
Channahon, Illinois

I found Z-CoiL® shoes three years ago. I was a 35-year-old mother of three with plantar fasciitis. I was in so much pain that I would have to use the electric cart at the store. Since wearing Z-CoiL® shoes, I am virtually pain-free. I am on my third pair; they last forever! I am looking forward to my fourth year of being free of foot pain. Thanksyou changed my life!
Ann P
Hood River, Oregon

I just bought the Z-CoiL Freedom 2000 two days ago, and I am so impressed!! I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for about a year, thinking that surgery or cortisone shots were my only hope, and I am very pleased to tell you that within the first DAY of wearing Z-CoiL shoes, I had absolutely ZERO pain in my foot!!My husband noticed this morning, too, that I could walk normally right after waking up, which is something I haven't been able to do for over a year, due to very sore feet.

I have been wearing them around with a HUGE smile on my face, and am overly excited to tell anyone who asks (and some who don't) just how amazing these shoes are! Thank you for giving me my life back!! There is no frustration quite like being 29 and suffering from such severe foot pain that you are always grumpy. So thank you not only from myself, but my husband and kids as well!!
Traci B
Katy, Texas

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