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Plantar Fasciitis

I had developed sever planter fasciitis over a period of 2 yrs and was barely able to walk for more than about 10 min at a time. I tried every shoe insole, I tried stuffing my shoes and socks with as much cotton that I could fit, I even tried wrapping SEVERAL layers of socks under my feet with bandages. Nothing worked. I finally went to the Dr. and began a series of cortisone shots in my heels, but they were so painful and I was not getting much relief. I just couldn't do them anymore so he recommended surgery. Fortunately, my sister saw someone who was wearing Z-CoiL tennis shoes and asked about them. She called me and told me about them. Since I didn't really want to have surgery, I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying them. I bought them, and I will admit, for the first few days I thought I had made a mistake. They almost seem to hurt worse, but I decided to not give up. My feet started to slowly feel better and after just 4 months of wearing Z-CoiLs ONLY (even walking around my house, especially since I have mostly tile and wood flooring) my pain was gone. I could finally wear flat sandals and heels again! It has been almost 2 1/2 years now since I started wearing them and I will never be without them again.
Robin L
Mansfield, Texas

I began to have foot pain upon waking and throughout the day 10 years ago. As a teacher, I am always on the go! A doctor diagnosed me with severe heel spurs and plantar fasciitis and suggested stretches, night splints, advil, cortisone shots, custom orthotics- the works. None of these options gave me complete relief. Luckily, I knew a co-worker with similar foot complaints and she suggested Z-CoiLs. At first, I thought they were odd looking and maybe even a tripping hazard... and then I put my first pair on my feet. It was pure heaven from that day forward! I now own 10 pairs and wear them daily. I have spent a week in Florida at Disney, climbed mountain sides in Utah and walked all of Amsterdam with no foot pain. I am always ready to head out again for the next adventure- and I owe it all to Z-CoiLs.
Liz D
Katy, Texas

I am a CNA and about a year ago I started having real bad foot pain. I would hurt really bad and limp around. I went to a foot doctor and I was told I had what is called Planter Fasciitis. I had two cortisone shots in my foot. My foot pain got to where I was hurting so bad I would cry when I stepped on the floor. I purchased my Z-CoiLs about three weeks ago and I'm so glad I did. I have people at work and out in public asking me about them all the time. I'm so glad I made the decision to get them with my husbands suggestion. I tell everyone go to and look into it. Thank You Z-CoiL, I can walk without crying! They are helping me each and everyday.
Jackie U
Spring Hill, Florida

Last year I went backpacking, and came back with a bad case of plantar fasciitis that lasted 6 months. So this year I used my Z-CoiL hiking boots. I just came back after having hiked from Mammoth Mountain over Donahue Pass to Tuolumne Meadows (30 miles and 3,000 vertical feet), and my feet feel great!
Don G
CAFresno, California

I work in healthcare and I am on my feet all the day. I had terrible plantar fasciitis and was unable to stand more than 10 minutes at a time - until I got my "Z's". My feet NEVER hurt at night or when I wake in the morning now. I have been wearing them since about 2003! Pricey-sure, but they last a good long time-much better than sneakers, that even at over $100, wear out in 6 months.
Connie R
San Antonio, Texas

I have battled plantar fasciitis and four heel spurs for many years, being overweight and always working on concrete floors. Recently I developed a ganglion cyst on top of my foot as well from a stress fracture. All on one foot! I would come home from work literally hobbling and in tears because the pain was so intense. I would soak my feet in ice water to reduce the inflammation and do all the stretches required to relieve the pain, but nothing eased my problems. I have had professional orthotics made and tried many over the counter orthotics and name brand shoes as well...even duct tape. Then I discovered z-coil shoes. The first day that I wore them to work my knees kept popping and my ankles would pop...even my back when I sat down for lunch crunched multiple times. My whole body was realigning from years of abuse. My feet still hurt a lot though because I needed adjustments made. I returned to the store and they have done adjustments two times to my shoes. I have been wearing them for about a month now and I am now about 90% pain-free. I still continue to stretch my tendons which are healing slowly but no longer do ice soaks and I have no more tears and hobbling. Each day I become stronger and more pain-free. I have even become more active and I have lost over 30 lbs. in the last month. I thank God everyday that these shoes are available and that they are a true "tool" to the working individual. I cannot wait to get another pair. I advocate these shoes everywhere that I go and I boldly advise those that are having pain from your knees, back, ankles, to problematic feet to get these shoes. Don't be afraid of there appearance either, they draw a little bit of attention, but mostly just curiosity from those that have never seen them before. They are my shoes for life! I wouldn't be able to continue working and providing for my family if it weren't for Z-CoiL shoes. Thank you so much for taking the time to create a shoe that actually helps people improve their way of life!
Carla S
Brazil, Indiana

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