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Back Pain/Injury

Five or six years ago I started wearing Z-CoiL shoes. My shoes lasted a long time but finally wore out. I thought I could get by without them, but as soon as started walking without them my back and heel began hurting again. I bought a new pair online and have been pain free since. I would not walk a great distance without these shoes. They are great and I would recommend them to help with back and knee pain. I walk 12 miles a week for exercise.
Rae M
MDGambrills, Maryland

In 2000 I was involved in a head on car crash. As a result I spent a year in physical therapy. Walking pain free or with reduced pain was the #1 goal. My husband was visiting a restaurant in Phoenix. He noticed these crazy looking shoes the waitress was wearing. He asked her about them. Based on her recommendation, he went to the Z-CoiL store in Gilbert AZ, bought a pair for me and brought them home. When I first saw them I thought okay, I will try anything and I put them on. Amazingly I was able to walk with ease and more importantly reduced pain!! Over the years my walking has increased from not walking due to pain to walking over 2 miles a day. Until last week when I was forced to buy another pair of shoes, I have never worn anything but Z-CoiLs. I own 8 pairs!! I would never presume to tell anyone they would have similar results but I can say, life is good. I actually have my life back.
Rebecca K
El Cajon, California

I have had my Z-CoiLsfor 4 years now and to me it is just amazing how after all this time using them there are no other shoe that compares. I have tried them all but I keep going back to my Z-CoiL's because my leg pain is gone and the lower back pain is almost gone when I wear them. When I wear something else I have several days of very bad pain after that but when I am back to wearing my Z-CoiLs again the pain kind of just goes away. I tell people that wearing my Z-CoiLs is like walking on pillows all day long. They are that great! I can't wait to get my next pair.
Lisa S
Merrifield, Minnesota

I have three sections of vertebrae fused solid and an extra vertebrae in my spine. I also have moderate to severe arthritis in my spine. For 20 yrs I have put up with numbness of the legs and hardly could walk first thing in the morning I was put on pain pills 4 times a day. My friend, who sold me my motorcycle, suggested I try on a pair of Z-CoiL shoes, he had a pair my size, I used them for about an hour and felt a tremendous difference. This convinced me to go to a Z-CoiL distributor. We live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. My wife went with me to Erie, Penns. USA. My wife came with me because she broke her ankle 14 months ago, she walks with a limp and has a lot of arthritis in that ankle. She has a lot of pain and she came with me reluctantly. We drove to Erie 150 miles away.

We got to the store and Andy was there to great us. Laurie tried on the shoes, walked in them a little bit, then walked more and couldnít stop walking, she said NO PAIN in the ankle, she flew around the store faster and faster. SOLD. She now has no pain in her ankle and her toes. She is a believer.

For myself, these shoes have allowed me to drop using my pain pills. I no longer have the pain I used to have, the numbing of the legs is gone, joints do not hurt as much any more and my back does not hurt as much anymore. Not all the pain is gone, but at least 85% gone. Livable...

I wish Canada would have these stores carrying the line of Z-CoiLs, if I could, I would.

Joseph & Laurie B
OntarioNiagara Falls

I would not want to imagine a day when I do not tie my feet into a pair of Z-CoiLs....There is no price one can place on their well being! As far as I am concerned, Zís are worth their weight in gold... We must inform those who are suffering, those in discomfort and those who are unaware such an incredible healing and supportive product is available.
Markus K

I just ordered my second pair of Z-CoiLs. I have been wearing them for about nine months and they have improved my life. I suffer from arthritis, severe lower back pain, and fibromyalgia. At only 34, it is frustrating to have such a pain inflicted body. With these shoes I can be much more active, partly because they reduce pain, and partly because they greatly decrease fatigue. I swear by these and I recommend them to anyone who asks about my "crazy" looking shoes. The cost is a little tough to swallow, but the benefits make them worth it! Thank you Z-CoiL. :-)
Crystal H
Elkhart, Indiana

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