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Plantar Fasciitis

I bought a pair of Z-CoiL shoes last weekend. My issue is Plantar Fasciitis. I wanted to get the composite toe Z-Walker, but the store was out of stock in my size. I tried on some hiker style shoes and walked around the store for about 10 minutes. I was amazed at the relief I got in such a short time. I bought the shoes on the spot. I wore them the whole weekend and my feet have not felt this good in months. I will be going back this weekend to be fit for work shoes. These shoes are truly a major help for Plantar Fasciitis.
Goran C
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Since I purchased my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes, I have been able to stop purchasing new orthotics every two years (a cost of $400.00 for which we have no insurance), and as long as I wear my Z-CoiL shoes daily, the circulation challenge in both feet and legs disappears.

I have the largest heel spurs my foot doctor has ever seen, which no longer ache. I used to have plantar fasciitis, which made it quite painful to walk.

Need I say how impressed I am with your revolutionary product And the savings are significant. Two pairs of walking shoes to wear the orthotics in, at $75.00 each, comes to $150.00 each year. No foot doctor bills either.

I have been wearing Z-CoiL walking shoes for one full year at a cost of $220.00, and they will last me three years, according to the person who told me about their Z-CoiL shoes.

What I would have spent per 3-year period was:
$450.00 for 6 pairs of good shoes
$600.00 for orthotics
$100.00 for doctor co-pays
For a grand total of: $1,740.00

This does not take into consideration my time and car expenses. Nor can the pain I avoided be assigned a monetary value.

All I did was pay $220.00 for this 3-year period for healthy feet and legs. The savings of $1,520.00 for wearing comfortable, healthy, pain-free feet and legs is incomparable anywhere.

Their very sturdy build allows them to continue to look almost brand new when I polish them,and I use these all spring, summer and fall for much gardening in my yard. When I think of it, it is almost like I am being paid to wear what's really great for me!
JoanMary T
Seymour, Connecticut

I am only 25 and I have had foot problems for the last 5 years. Since I was 15 I have worked standing on my feet on concrete floors. At age 20 I had both my feet operated on for plantar fasciitis. I would sometimes wear orthotics, but they don't always fit in cute little shoes the women my age wear and they definitely don't fit in flip flops. So just recently my foot doctor referred me to the local Z-CoiL store because I now had an entrapped nerve. I couldn't believe how comfortable they are. I still had to have surgery because I still could barely walk. I also had the Topaz procedure done with the nerve release and I can now wear my shoes again and I have sworn off all my other shoes. I recommend them to everyone! They are expensive but well worth the relief they give me.
Amber R
Lima, Ohio

My husband and I have both suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and these shoes have been an awesome relief. We have enjoyed walking and standing for the first time in years! Thank you!
Holly and Jack B
Lenexa, Kansas

I read meters for the power company and walk about five miles a day. I developed plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis in BOTH feet. After trying numerous treatments per doctor’s orders, i.e., cortisone shots, casting for six weeks, six months of physical therapy and icing and heat, my doctor said to try these shoes. I admit I was skeptical because everything else had failed. Within ONE week of wearing your work boots, I was able to get back to work after a SIX month medical leave. These shoes genuinely saved my job as well as my quality of life. As a side benefit, my knee, hip and lower back pain has all but disappeared. I have turned numerous friends, family and complete strangers into users of these shoes, and they, too, have enjoyed the benefits. I could tell you their great stories as well, but I've gone on long enough with mine. Thank you so much for my MASSIVE pain relief.

P.S. If you want more great stories, feel free to call anytime and also please develop a Gore-Tex lined work boot. It would really be appealing to those of us who work out in the elements.
Anthony W
Kewanee, Illinois

Z-CoiL shoes saved my life. I could barely walk due to plantar fasciitis and the minute I put them on, I felt a 100% difference.
Renee P
Saint Louis, Missouri

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