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Plantar Fasciitis

I am a 49 year old female, physically fit. I had plantar fasciitis, and also tarsal tunnel syndrome, which is like "carpal tunnel of the ankles." These conditions were brought on by heavy walking on pavement in Downtown Chicago, with a backpack strapped to my back containing my laptop and business documents. After moving back to Detroit for one year, I had to suspend my walking regimen. I gained weight because I couldn't do pleasure/exercise walking. It was frustrating. My podiatric surgeon recommended I try Z-CoiL shoes. Once I bought them, it was like I got my life back again. When I developed the tarsal tunnel condition in my ankles, I needed maximum shock absorption. The spring-action in Z-CoiL shoes helped me! When I bought the shoes, the store manager said, "Once you buy these, you'll never want to wear anything else." She was so RIGHT! I tell my story all the time. These shoes were the best investment I ever could have made.
Claudia T
Mt. Clemens, Michigan

I had gotten plantar fasciitis from wearing flip-flops all summer at my job. My walking had slowed down a lot with pain in every step. Every day, I walk a lot. I am up and down the stairs and all over Wal-Mart, so some days I also had hip pain from the walking frequency. I am also overweight so my feet were really taking a beating. I tried a pair of New Balance shoes to correct my pain but, as I realized later, the arch support just wasn't there! I saw a lady with Z-CoiL shoes and asked her about them. I immediately had to check them out. Went into the store, was nervous about the prices, but felt I had no choice but to try them. If they were going to help me walk for my job and keep up with my boss everyday, they were worth the try. It took me about 1-2 weeks to get used to them. I liked them… and then I didn't.; My feelings went back and forth because my inner knees sometimes hurt, but realized it was my body getting used to walking "straight" and "in line" again. I stuck it out and had the shoes adjusted once or twice until I was finally happy with my expensive purchase. Now, I am doing very well and the pain in my feet has subsided. Before Z-CoiL shoes I had frequent visits to the chiropractor and was going almost every other day. Yesterday I was given one month until my next visit. It was then I understood that my shoes are benefitting me in more than one way. I am finally happy with my new shoes and want to refer others to Z-CoiL who need help with their foot problems. Thank you, Z-Coil!!
Amber E
Altoona, Iowa

I am a surgical nurse, on my feet all day and carrying lots of extra weight. I have had chronic bilateral plantar fasciitis for about 3 years. I was treated by 3 different doctors and went through it all... wraps, injections, meds, exercises, orthotics, etc. I finally had surgery on one leg (gastrocnemius recession to lengthen the calf muscle that was contracting the foot and pulling the fascia) and was supposed to do the other leg soon after. However, I got multiple blood clots from the first surgery and had to put the second one off for 6 months.

I desperately searched for something to give me some relief. I found Z-CoiL shoes online and went to check them out. I was immediately hooked!!

They are the most wonderful shoes I have ever had on my feet! I used to be an avid Birkenstock fan, but I have been converted! The minute I put them on, I could walk more easily and had great pain relief. After a couple of weeks, I was completely sold on my Z-CoiL shoes. It's amazing how much better I walk and how great my feet feel. I do wear my orthotics in my Z-CoiL shoes and the retailer even adjusted them so that I don't walk on the outsides of my heels anymore.

I used to come home from work every day and collapse in the recliner with ice packs and foot massagers. Now I come home and walk the dog! They are also great conversation starters; I have someone ask me about my Z-CoiLs pretty much every day. I am quite the spokesperson for Z-CoiL shoes!

By the way, I am NOT having my second surgery, but I AM buying my second pair of Z-CoiL shoes!

Thank you, Z-CoiL!
Loren C
Sturgis, Michigan

I have the Taos Clog & Z-Duty. First, thank you for this incredible product. I was having problems with plantar fasciitis and I still needed to work. I finally diagnosed the cause of the injury but in the process I was able to keep working due to the Z-CoiL Z-Duty construction boots. I am also a professional ballet dancer of 25 years so my feet are under constant abuse all around.

After this experience I have tried to wear other shoes again but my feet swell up and are in pain even after a few hours. It reminded me of how my feet felt everyday for the last 39 years of my life, now that I'm 41. I have decided to wear Z-CoiL shoes for all occasions.

As a side note I would like to say that even the typical construction worker is willing to make conversation with me to ask about my shoes. This alone is impressive but I wonder how you can better promote your product to the construction trades since they suffer more than most with feet and back pain; even to the point of shortening their careers. Maybe trade shows or just calling the companies directly and setting up some kind of quantity based incentive program.

In addition, I have also been approached by high school-ers looking for the next cool shoe no one else has. My Taos Clog seems to be a big attention getter. Is it possible to start better health at a younger age Does your marketing strategy include this age group Both construction and high school-ers already spend this kind of money on shoes anyway. I would love to see your products more since they really, really help solve the problem of living in our asphalt jungle and everything else we do to our feet. Thanks again.
David S
Phoenix, Arizona

I am overweight, have arthritis in my right hip, and my left leg is almost 1/2 inch shorter than my right. I had severe pain from plantar fasciitis in both feet, but especially my left heel. Z-CoiL shoes were recommended by someone at another store specializing in shoes for problem feet. Bonnie at the Z-CoiL store took great care in personalizing my shoes and the results were immediate.

I went straight from the store to the lake and just kept walking, though I didn't even buy athletic shoes. No hip or foot pain at all! Normally, I take my shoes off as soon as I get home and put my feet up, dreading when I have to stand again. Not anymore! I kept these shoes on until it was time to get ready for bed.
Thank You, Z-CoiL!
Pamela C
Ankeny, Iowa

I just graduated from high school in 2009, and I'd been battling with severe foot pain for about 7 years. It started out as a soreness, but got worse each time. It eventually got to a point where I couldn't even walk without pain. I went to a foot doctor, where I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, and got two extremely painful cortisone shots in my heel. Though the first helped for a while, the second made me hurt worse. I was in a wheelchair from then on. I went to prom in tennis shoes because heels made me cry. Finally, I went to a specialist. Though I graduated in a wheelchair, I soon moved to a cast and crutches. I was diagnosed with TTS, a nerve problem, and my doctor did surgery on me, which helped a lot. Sadly, my plantar got much worse during that time. I also had a bunion and flat feet, overpronation, etc. It was still painful to walk, though not as bad. I complained about walking through walmart enough until my mother told me to try these shoes. I went into the store, put them on, and immediately felt better. I'm in college now, and I know that I would not be here, walking the long distances I am, without Z-Coil shoes. They really are miracle shoes, and I plan on buying more.
Samantha D
San Antonio, Texas

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