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Plantar Fasciitis

Four years ago I developed fibromyalgia while I was pregnant with my third child. It was such a stressful time that my leg muscles became really tight and I developed a case of plantar fasciitis that was so bad, I could barely stand without pain. With stretching, swimming, and orthotics, the pain would go up and down, but eventually, by this spring, I could only stand for about two hours a day without pain.

I think my bad feet made my leg and back muscles tighter, which would strain my tendons and throw off my bone structure. Everything was feeding into everything! I couldn't break the cycle. The list of events and activities that I had to avoid became depressing. I was so impatient with my kids and disheartened that I couldn't run around and play with them. One night, in desperation, I Googled "My feet hurt." One of the links was for a nurse's blog where they were discussing how they almost had to quit their jobs due to foot pain, but then they started wearing Z-CoiL shoes.

I was encouraged by an outside source recommending them, so I headed to the Z-CoiL website, but was intimidated by the odd look and the cost. What if I purchased them and it was a hoax Well, in three days I was supposed to go away for a relaxing weekend with my sister in Kettle Morraine. The idea was to hike or bike, and I told her I wasn't sure I could do either of them. I thought, "What the heck." I would drive the six-hour round trip to get to Madison to buy these crazy shoes. It was 90 degrees and I had no air conditioning. I got to the store and tried on a pair of Z-CoiL shoes. At first the shoes felt odd and I was nervous that I wouldn’t tell the shoe store if they were adjusted correctly (which would be another six-hour drive to fix them!). I decided on the sandals. I probably walked a mile in the shoe store making sure they were OK.

I wore them around the house for the first two days and I could feel the "shelf-life" of my feet being extended. Three days later, I hiked in the woods for four hours in my Z-CoiL shoes with no more than a slight twinge here and there from the arches.

I have been wearing them for a month now, and even though I don't understand the technology at all, I wear them from six in the morning until I lay down at night. I stand all day; I hike, grocery shop, stroll. I went to Summerfest and danced for four hours straight with the twenty-year-olds. I (gently) ran around the park playing soccer and baseball with my kids.

I'm working on all my fibromyalgia symptoms in a global way, and I quickly noticed I have almost no muscle tone in my feet anymore from four years of avoiding standing and using inserts. So, I think it will take time before I can wear other shoes without discomfort. But there is no question about it, Z-CoiL shoes have given me my life back, where as before I was truly feeling like a shut-in at 40. If you are wondering if you should get a pair, don't even think about it. GO!!

BTW: I got the black Z-Breeze sandals. I'm pretty fashion conscious, and I have to tell you, they are hip. I get lots of compliments (as well as smiles and questions). Yes, lots of people think I'm just making a fashion statement, which is fine.

Another tip: Not all stores carry all the items shown on-line, but they might order a pair for you in advance so they can be there when you arrive. Just call the store before heading down.

Request: My feet are slender. I sure wish Z-CoiL would make sandals with the option for shorter Velcro straps; mine do have to hang over to be snug on my feet.

Thanks again, Z-CoiL!
Jennifer L
Kenosha, Wisconsin

I recently purchased a pair of Z-CoiL walking shoes (Freedom style), and they are wonderful! I have suffered with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs for over a year. The pain was so severe I was thinking about surgery. As soon as I put on Z-CoiL shoes, I had immediate relief. Thank you for my being able to have a normal work day with out pain!
Shea C
Oak Grove, Louisiana

I purchased my Z-CoiL shoes in 2007 and haven't taken them off since! I suffered from extremely painful bone spurs and plantar fasciitis, but both are basically non-existent with my Z-CoiL shoes on!! I can now wear 'other' shoes at various times, but wear my Z-CoiL shoes at work, 40 hours a week!! Just wish we had a dealer closer to here, at least 3-5 people a day ask me about my 'funny' shoes!
Cynthia K
Muncy, Pennsylvania

Suffering from plantar fasciitis, I went to physical therapy for weeks, had cortisone shots, and wore the 'boot' at night for months. Nothing seemed to help. I was determined I was going to spend whatever amount necessary on a pair of shoes that would not hurt my feet. I spend a fortune on different shoes recommended to me but none of them worked. While at a shoe store in Orange Beach, Alabama, the salesperson introduced me to Z-CoiL shoes. It took me about 2 hours to decide to purchase them since they were so 'funky' looking. However, I bought them and wore them around the house to get use to them. I couldn't bring myself to wear them in public until I wore long pants to help hide the coils! In October, I went to Japan for 3 weeks. I wore them everywhere, and my feet did not hurt. I was amazed!

When I returned home to Alabama, I got up the nerve to wear them to school. My students were fascinated! I have worn them every day since! I teach 5th grade and am on my feet ALL day. My feet do not bother me at all. I even bought the sandals to wear with my capri's. I continuously get questions about them. I highly recommend them to everyone! I have 2 pairs and am getting ready to buy the tennis shoes.

Thanks Z-CoiL!
Michelle R
Auburn, Alabama

I used to walk 4 to 8 miles every day until I developed plantar fasciitis in both feet and walking became very painful. I saw these strange looking shoes on some people and asked about them. They raved about Z-CoiL, so I gave them a try and now I have 6 pairs of these amazing shoes. I can now walk like I used to and I'm loving it! I can't say enough great things about these shoes and how much they have given my freedom back for walking anywhere!
Jeannie C
Omaha, Arkansas

After two foot surgeries and severe plantar fasciitis, I was getting closer and closer to yet another foot surgery. A year of appointments with two separate podiatrists, new prescription shoe orthotics (adjusted twice), at least a dozen different pairs of shoes (always searching for the "perfect" one), physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, ultra-sound therapy, and two cortisone shots, I was ready to give up. The constant pain was making my world shrink around me. I had to seriously think before I walked across the room, "Will this be worth it" The anti-inflammatory drugs I had been taking for ten years were destroying my liver and my left leg was starting to atrophy from tentative walking on my painful left foot.

Following a trip to New England with my husband and daughter, I resigned myself to the fact that the pain was going to become a regular part of my life. That trip solidified how much I was missing. I had to wait in the hotel while they walked the Freedom Trail and had a drink in the famous bar, Cheers.

When we returned from our trip, I saw Z-CoiL shoes on a store clerk and decided to try them. If they didn't work, I would know that I had tried everything else before another surgery. Within the first week, my feet stopped hurting.

At first, I was embarrassed to wear them. They don't look like your average shoe. I frequently get stopped by people who want to know all about them. I am a walking commercial in support of these shoes and am happy to tell my story to anyone who asks.

It's been several months now and I can honestly say that these shoes have saved my life. I have cut the anti-inflammatory drugs by half, my liver function is fine, and my thought processes are clearer. I'm not living with constant pain and I have regained the strength in my left leg. I no longer have to wear my orthotics.

While I wear my Z-CoiL shoes most of the time, I can switch to some of my other shoes for an evening out or for church.

Thank you for these wonderful shoes.
Kathy M
Corvallis, Oregon

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