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Plantar Fasciitis

I stand about 8-12 hrs a day in the operating room and have had the same pair of Z-CoiL shoes for 5 1/2 years now. I had pretty severe plantar fasciitis before buying the shoes and, thanks to God and the shoes, I have no pain. The relief was not overnight - but over a couple months the pain disappeared completely and has not returned. I would rather stand now and my feet don't throb when I get home and prop my feet up after a long day. Simply a wonderfully made and durable shoe. Thank you!!!
Keven M
Salem, Virginia

I just bought my Z-CoiL shoes this January, and could actually shout from the roof tops about how wonderful they are! I have a severe case of planter fasciitis in my left foot and have been suffering for well over a year. It had gotten to the point I could not walk on concrete without being in so much pain that I would cry. I was told about Z-CoiL shoes and after spending a few hundred dollars on other shoes, inserts, walking boot, etc., I thought why not give these shoes a try. What could it hurt spending a little more money Well, it was like instant relief!!!! I still feel like I am dreaming and afraid I am going to wake up and be hurting again. It is a true miracle for me. Words can not explain the relief that I feel! I highly recommend them to anyone with any type of foot problems and also back problems. I just thank God for finding out about these shoes. They are wonderful and like walking on a cloud. When you are fitted with them, they take their business seriously and take time making sure you are fitted properly. The orthotic inserts make them that much more comfortable.

Honestly, I have cried many tears with so much pain and now, only 6 days later, no pain at all. It is a miracle and something that needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

Thank you Z-CoiL!
Loraine L
Columbia, Louisiana

I have plantar fasciitis and two heel spurs on my left foot and arthritis in my right ankle. I also have had surgery on both knees and am overweight. I was advised by my orthopedist to try a specific brand in an adjoining shoe store at their building. When I went in, the sales person didn't have the recommended shoe in my size and told me I should try Z-CoiL instead.

I took their advice and I've had a pair of Z-CoiL shoes nearly six months and am going back for another pair this weekend. Since I started wearing them, I don't limp any more and my heel doesn't hurt anymore because the spurs aren't touching any part of the shoe (It's like the spring part surrounds and protects them).

The store where I bought them sold them to me as they were, without needing adjustments. I'm going to another store closer to my job this weekend and they are going to make adjustments. I don't see how they could be made better, but it will be fun to find out. I could only walk short distances before I had my Z-CoiL shoes. Now I can walk all through the grocery store and, if I pace myself, the outlet malls. I hate to take them off! They're not a cure, but a great help. I recommend them to anyone with lower back, knee, or foot problems! Recoil from foot pain with Z-CoiL!
Charlotte N
Lake Worth, Texas

I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for several years, and it's been especially severe this last year. Eight months ago my husband and I began planning a long-awaited trip to England and Paris. Knowing I would be walking a great deal, I worked hard on getting my foot healed for the trip. I went to a podiatrist. She gave me orthotic inserts that worked for a while, and a night boot I couldn't wear because it gave me restless leg syndrome. She sent me to physical therapy for ultrasound treatments. That worked for the day of the treatment only. She wanted to give me shots, but after researching that option, I decided against it. One day in church I saw a woman wearing funny shoes with a metal coil at the heel. She told me about her Z-CoiL shoes and I got a pair that week.

I wore them whenever I left the house all summer. I bought the Z-Walker to start with, then sandals, finally a pair of clogs. Still having severe pain in bed, while seated, and getting up (but not with my shoes on), we left for a three week trip to England and Paris. I wasn't sure I could keep up with the grueling schedule we had created for ourselves.

We walked 8 to 10 hours a day for three weeks: to the top of Glastonbury Tor (pictured), stone floor cathedrals, marble floor museums, uneven rocky ruins, castles, pathways, cobble-stone city streets and lots and lots of steps. I absolutely could not have done any of it without my Z-CoiL shoes. The Louvre alone would have undone me immediately. By the time I got home, after wearing them exclusively day and evening, my feet were terrific. I won't say my 60-year-old feet didn't ache in general at the end of each day after hours of sight-seeing, but my heel pain was gone. I have no more pain at night, and just a little ache to stretch out when I get up in the morning. I don't want the problem to come back, so I wear my flat sandals with my old orthotic inserts around the house, but my Z-CoiL shoes are the only shoes I wear out.

Thank you so much, Z-CoiL, for the trip of a lifetime. I couldn't have done it without you.
Victoria K
Fort Collins, Colorado

I am a practicing Physician Assistant. I have had Plantar Fasciitis for greater than fourteen years. I've tried stretching exercises, weight loss, numerous expensive brand named shoes, heel pads, gel inserts and orthotics. All of the above helped for a few months to a few years, but the pain always recurred. One year ago, my heel pain became so severe, even with taking two different pain medications, heel pads and orthotics use, I began to develop hip pain because of all the limping I was doing. I dreaded getting out of bed in the morning knowing that the first few steps taken would feel like walking on broken glass. I had seen ads and talked with patients that have Z-CoiL shoes and decided to try them. The pain in my heel started to get better and the pain medication finally worked. After four months of continuous Z-CoiL use, my heel and hip pain was completely gone. I stopped the pain medication and have not needed to use it for foot pain since then. It is such a relief not having to endure pain with each step I take. Numerous patients ask me about my Z-CoiL shoes. I always answer with, "Yes they are expensive, but not having to endure foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain make them worth the price paid. Additionally, taking pain medications that can cause kidney failure, stomach ulcers, and are associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke would be so much more expensive... to my health.\" One of the physicians with whom I work used to insist that I refer all foot/heel pain patients to the podiatrists in our clinic. He insisted that a cortisone shot is the only way to treat unresolved Plantar Fasciitis. I mentioned all the dangerous side effects of that medication that I could recall, and then I asked him to think of any possible side effects of Z-CoiL shoes. Suddenly, he realized that a trial of Z-CoiL shoe use is the only un-invasive, safe, lasting method of treatment for Plantar Fasciitis that works. I am living testimony of that fact!
Debra B
Rapid City, South Dakota

Your Z-CoiL shoes are a miracle! I have been off work for over one year, now going on two years, because of plantar fasciitis. I have had three different podiatrists as well. I have had numerous orthotics, from the rigid to the softest, none of which reduced the pain, especially in the heel. Then I was given a series of shots, from cortisone to steroids, and even shots to dissolve nerves in my heels. Nothing worked!

I was only 43 and did not want to give up work due to all the heel pain I endured. Then I ran into a person at random who was wearing a pair of Z-CoiL shoes. I asked her about them and she told me that they gave her life back to her. I asked my podiatrist about this type of shoe and he told me not to waste my money on them. I was so puzzled. I went to my nearest dealer anyway and bought a pair of black clogs. They fit like a glove that very instant!! I walked around the store for a half hour waiting for the heel pain to return, but it never did. It truly was a miracle!

I can now walk like I used to. I just had my appointment with my regular M.D., and she said she thought Z-CoiL shoes were the best! Now I actually look forward to going to the mall or to any function just to walk around. I don't go places and just sit anymore. I'm up and moving or socializing. I still can't return to my previous work due to the long 18 hours per day that are required. But now I can look for a normal 8-hour workday with my Freedom to be alive!

You need to advertise these on TV and everywhere! People don't realize that they don't have to go through life with foot pain. I can't say enough about how your shoes have helped me. I'd better stop here, or I will fill your entire site with my testimonial.
Jovonne R
San Bernardino

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