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Plantar Fasciitis

Over five years ago, I was anticipating having to use wheelchair because of my Plantar Fasciitis, flat feet, super flexible ankles, and massive pain in both my feet and back. I could only be on my feet for an hour before pain forced me to sit. I had begun to hunch over just to compensate for the pain. I had tried many shoe inserts but with very little relief. I was working full time on cement floors teaching music. On Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, I got my first pair of Z-Coil shoes. On that Friday I went shopping with my daughter for 10 hours with very little pain by the end of the day! I never went back to any other shoes for over four years. I now own six pair of Z-CoiL shoes and they are all I wear. My favorite style is the hiking boot. They give my ankles the best support for those uneven surfaces. Now, I can even wear other shoes for several hours but I always go back to my Z-CoiL shoes. I have traveled to many areas of the world including the Mediterranean and The Panama Canal. Everywhere I go people ask about my Z-CoiL shoes. Once every two years I return to my foot doctor to get my inserts rebuilt but I still have my first pair of Z-CoiL Shoes and still love them. Because of the quality construction, they are holding up very well. In Rome I even crossed through two feet of rushing water and soaked my boots. They dried out overnight and are just fine. I have saved a lot of money on Doctor bills and avoided surgeries on my feet thanks to Z-CoiL. The best thing of all is NO MORE PAIN! Thank you so very much.
Sharon E
Bellevue, Nebraska

I have had my Z-CoiL shoes for one month. I have a total knee replacement in one knee and the other knee needs to be done sometime within a few years. I have had numerous surgeries on my feet for Morton's neuroma and plantar fasciitis. My ankles and my back are painful. Almost all of my pain is gone now. My balance has been terrible since my knee was revised three years ago. Since wearing Z-CoiL shoes my balance has improved tremendously both when I have the shoes on and when I don't. My husband and I teach karate at night and I have not been able to practice the way I would like for the last three years because of the pain. My katas are improving now that my balance is better. I am just amazed! My husband ordered a pair today. One other thing; the service was excellent at Sweet Feet in Atlanta.
Jan R
Fairburn, Georgia

My generous sister sent me a pair of her Z-CoiL shoes when I injured my knee. Within two weeks my knee was healed, but I kept on wearing the shoes because they felt amazing. I started to notice that my arthritis no longer flared up, nor did my plantar fasciitis. I have had arthritis since I was eight years old, so I was totally impressed. I now own four pairs of Z-CoiL shoes, and they are all I wear.
Elizabeth B
Ringgold, Georgia

I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in 1997. A podiatrist had made me orthotics for my shoes, which helped for a few years. I started having the pain again in 2003, and the orthotics no longer helped. My foot would be in severe pain at the end of my 12-hour shift. I would really notice the pain after resting at home for a few minutes and attempting to walk about in my home. I had tried several brands of different shoes with inserts and nothing worked. I had seen a co-worker a few years back with the Z-CoiL shoe. She told me it had helped her back pain tremendously. I decided last year to purchase my first pair. I was still leery about the shoe, so I did not start to wear them until January 2008. They have been the best investment I have made in my nursing career. It took about a week or two to adjust to them, but now I am pain-free and enjoying my career to the fullest.Thank you so much, Z-CoiL.
Stephanie W
Grand Prairie, Texas

I have been an RN for 31 years. Two years ago I developed plantar fasciitis. I am a labor and delivery nurse and am on my feet at the patients bedside 10 to 12 hours a day. I was in such pain, I could hardly work.

A gal I work with had a pair of Z-CoiL shoes she wore for knee pain. I immediately got on the internet to find a store that sold Z-CoiL shoes near where I live. I bought my first pair in Spearfish, South Dakota. The sandals were so comfortable, I wore them to work. The second pair I bought in Billings, Montana. The Tia is my absolute favorite!!I can barely stand to wear any other shoe.

Before I found Z-CoiL shoes, I had doubts about remaining in nursing. Z-CoiL shoes work better for me than acupuncture, medications (both oral and injection), and icing my foot. I knew I had found a winner the first time I put them on.

Thank you, Z-CoiL!
Carol C
Sheridan, Wyoming

I LOVE MY Z-COIL SHOES!!!! I had been suffering for several months from pain caused by plantar fasciitis. I work in a grocery store and spend several hours a day on my feet. I discovered these shoes while on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. I usually do a lot of hiking when we go there, but the pain this time stopped me from being able to hike. Actually, I had not been able to exercise for several months, and to be honest I was packing on the pounds, not to mention getting depressed.

The day before Thanksgiving I worked 10 hours and the pain was terrible. I went on vacation, discovered the shoes, and Christmas Eve I worked 15 hours and could have kept going. I couldnt believe it! The foot and heel pain was 90 percent gone in just 10 days! I also need a partial knee replacement, but have put off the surgery for now because the shoes also relieve my knee pain.

I have gone from having a significant limp to barely one at all. I just can't say enough about these shoes. They have definitely changed my life!
Lisa B
Plain City, Ohio

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