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“I had pain for 15 years – it was not ’til someone recommended Z-CoiL. I said they were too expensive but I bought them anyway. I have worn them 9 years – I will never let anyone take them away! I love Z-CoiL!”
“I stood straight up, the sky was still blue, and tears just rolled down my face.”


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I have been wearing Z Coil for years..before purchasing Z Coil my feet would hurt so bad after being on then for 8 hours at work ,I would have to go home and prop them up for hour before i could enjoy my evening. With Z Coil i can leave work and go shopping or any where i need to go without pain and sore feet. Z Coil has great arches in them. I have had strangers ask about my shoes and i always tell them how great my shoe are and i tell them the name of the shoes and the web site where they can go to check them out. Another thing  i like about Z Coil is the shoes hold up well. I wear my shoes forty hours a week and  i don’t have to replace them for 2 years.

~ Judy Belville

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