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“I had pain for 15 years – it was not ’til someone recommended Z-CoiL. I said they were too expensive but I bought them anyway. I have worn them 9 years – I will never let anyone take them away! I love Z-CoiL!”
“I stood straight up, the sky was still blue, and tears just rolled down my face.”


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I would not be walking without zcoils, I injured both knees when I worked at wal mart, they would not help me, five years I spent in a nightmare of pain and swelling, if I picked up a jug of milk my knee swelled up and filled my pant legs..i knew people who had acl surgery and did not help. nothing helped the pain. I went to visit my daughter , she had the ugliest shoes I ever saw, her neighbor sold them. I hurt my back and had to go to a chiropractor that Friday, couldn’t stand up straight without pain. my daughter had some credits from referring people for zcoils so she said lets try a pair of sandals for you and use my credits, they wanted to walk around a while to shop,, I said how can I, it hurts too bad to stand straight, so she said lets get your shoes first. we did , I put them on and was able to stand straight up and the pain was gone. I had not been able to drive a standard car, ride in a car or bus without my knees swelling huge. for five  years. the next day june18th 2001 I drove from mesa Arizona to Denver Colorado straight thru for my friend and never to this day have I swelled up one time. I have introduced these shoes to hundreds of nurses, teachers and regular people. my sister in law had foot surgery and was in so much pain, she listened to me bought a pair of hikers and put them on, noooooo more day she put her old shoes on not thinking and for three days she hurt, and then she goes, what is wrong with me I will put my zcoils back on, and she did and the pain went away. my sister wears hers to wal mart , I work at kmart, cement floors, her and I are the only ones who go home at night pain free. I don’t have much money but if I was broke I would find a way to get the money to get these shoes after allll  they have done for my life. no price is toooo high for your pain free life. my sister in law worked with a lady who paid $850.00 for orthodics that did nothing for her, so she told her about zcoils…wish I could afford another

~Connie R Gray

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