Affiliate Program

 Z-CoiL Affiliate Program

Do you love helping people? Are you one of over 1 million people who have worn Z-CoiL Footwear? If your answer is yes to either then we have an amazing opportunity for you!

We are excited to announce our new affiliate program. Effective 6/15/17 you can sign up here and start earning a commission for spreading the word about our product. You will earn 20% commission on any sale that can be tracked back to your referral.

There are three ways we can track referrals back to you.

  1. The link provided to you upon signing up.
  2. Your customer's email address.
  3. A coupon code tied to your Affiliate account providing 10% off.


1. If anyone were to click on your link via your website, Facebook, Twitter or an email you send, it will be tracked back to your affiliate account. Below is an example of what a Facebook post might look like. 

2. Want to get credit for sales from a specific customer? Simply enter the customer's email address, and after it is approved, we will automatically credit your account for any orders going forward in which that email address was used. Here is an example of what your dashboard will look like.

3. Last but not least we can setup a coupon code that will track any orders directly to your affiliate account. The code is valid for 10% off any purchase and can be applied with sales and promotions.

The commissions will be paid out to your PayPal Account. You can see what commissions are owed and when you can expect them. We will be tracking returns or cancellations so negative balances will be applied to your account if you were paid commission on a return. This is a program meant for people who love to share their stories about Z-CoiL and allows them to earn profits in the process. Good luck!


If you have any questions about the program do not hesitate to call 800-268-6239 or email


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