Foot Pain & Ankle Pain Testimonials

Watch this video to see one of our most moving testimonials from one of our favorite customers who was experiencing ankle and foot pain!


I was hired in 2010 at a major home improvement store and was working 4 hours each day. I started having foot pain and there was mornings that I would have trouble when I first got out of bed. I became a cashier in June of 2012. In less then a month after working a 4 hour shift I would go home and I wouldn't be able to stand up much less do anything like run errands after work. Every morning when I got up I would have to hobble around until the muscles in my feet and ankles loosened up before I could walk even sort of normally. I am one that does not cry when I get hurt and my feet hurt bad enough it made me cry a couple times. I tried a couple other brands of shoes and several different orthotics and nothing worked. Then I finally stumbled on the Z-coil web site. I went to the nearest retailer (which happens to be more then an hour and a half from my house) and with in a week of getting the shoes and a pair of orthotic inserts I would be able to go grocery shopping after an 8 hour day. Since getting my first pair of Z-Coils and seeing how well they work I have told everyone who will listen to me (and a couple who didn't want to listen) about how much these shoes have reduced the pain in my feet. I still have some issues that I think are related to other health issues, but for the most part I can tolerate or work around them. Thank you Z-Coil for giving me my feet back!!!! Melissa V Lacey, Washington ________________________________________________________________________   I nearly must wear Z-CoiL's as they are the only shoes that keep me pain-free and working as a teacher with foot, knee, and back problems. I have several pair, but the clogs fit my style best! Please consider making a shoe similar to the discontinued gray clog. The current Mary Jane type shoe is often too dressy. Over the last 10 yrs., I have bought about 12 -15 different pairs of Z-CoiL's, so I am a long time and loyal customer. Alison K Amarillo, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   I purchased my 1st Z-Coil pair in 2008 due to severe pain in my arches and calves after walking about 1/2 mile. I took them to Vegas knowing I had a lot of walking ahead. I probably walked 5 miles/day for a week, it's 'a miracle', no more pain! I also have pigmentary glaucoma, where the coloration of the eye flakes off and clogs the eye's ability to drain properly. Jogging is not encouraged and I try keep impact and vibration to a minimum. I feel that this product can only add an additional level of protection to my doctor's current treatment. I call them my "Happy Shoes", since they positively affected my personality overnight. Everyone who sees them asks if they work, I then tell them this story. You made a life time client out of me. Thanks Z-CoiL! Patrick Rose Patrick R Hendersonville, Tennessee ________________________________________________________________________   I bought my Z-CoiLs in the winter of 2008 for running on a treadmill and outdoors. I have never felt more comfortable in any other shoe or insert in a shoe I have owned. I have ran 15 miles runs in my Z-CoiLs I and have been a little sore at the end of the run but the next day I felt great with no soreness. Prior to the Z-CoiLs I would be limping the next day. My coils wore out after 900 miles of hard extreme use of trail running. The rest of the shoe looked new with even wear patterns which has never happened in 30 years of wearing shoes, the heels always slanted. I replaced the coils and I’m still going strong on that 2008 pair at 1500 miles. I will and have recommended this shoe to those I know with foot problems and to those who don't have foot problems I say they are great from improving walking, running, and aliments related to walking. If you’re thinking of trying them, do it! You won’t be sorry. It’s been one of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you Z-CoiL for the amazing shoe! Bryan W Traverse City, Michigan ________________________________________________________________________   Before I would wear fancy heels and I would have to take my heels off due to my feet hurting so bad. When I went to work I noticed that my feet would be hurting so bad after eight hours of being on my feet. I would get up with pain in my feet, legs and back so bad that I'd have to sit on the edge of the bed crying. I'd always said that they were too expensive to buy but I saw someone else with them on so I went to the Z-CoiL store and bought a pair. I noticed right off that my pain was no more and so I bought more. I now have 4 pairs and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I bought my first pair 1980, and it's now 2013, I'm still wearing my first pair! Kelly B Lima, Ohio ________________________________________________________________________   WOW, Z-CoiL shoes are amazing! I have suffered from feet and knee problems for around 5 years, from sports and work and also gout in my joints and knee. When I started working at a casino the pain was much more intense. I worked on steel floors for 8-12 hours at a time and it was tough until I purchased Z-CoiL shoes, the relief really is instant. Some of the Z-CoiL’s are pricey but they have some on sale as well, my only comment I would really like to leave is "I hope Z-CoiL’s will start having more size 14 shoes available, but please buy the shoes and use the product, 5 star rating from me!!! Derrick S Iowa, Louisiana ________________________________________________________________________   After a 30 year career of sitting in a piece of heavy equipment I decided to open a restaurant. Needless to say I wasn't sitting much anymore. My feet hurt so bad that I couldn't even touch them. It felt that they were bruised clear to the bone. A customer suggested I try a pair of Z-Coils. Well, I took his advice and I can't begin to tell you the difference it made in my life. In a matter of a few days I was pain free and have been for over 6 years now. Z-Coil is the ONLY shoe for me. Thanks for making my feet, legs, and back so happy. Ric S Gillette, Wyoming ________________________________________________________________________   I own a few pairs of Z-CoiLs and they are amazing. I swear by them. I just bought another pair with the heal cover on them. I love my shoes! I know they cost a lot but not really when you think about it. You can not go to a store and buy new feet or a new back and with my shoes it's like I have new feet and my back does not hurt. I love my shoes! I think every one should have a pair. Kelly S Branson, Missouri ________________________________________________________________________   I began to have foot pain upon waking and throughout the day 10 years ago. As a teacher, I am always on the go! A doctor diagnosed me with severe heel spurs and plantar fasciitis and suggested stretches, night splints, advil, cortisone shots, custom orthotics- the works. None of these options gave me complete relief. Luckily, I knew a co-worker with similar foot complaints and she suggested Z-CoiLs. At first, I thought they were odd looking and maybe even a tripping hazard... and then I put my first pair on my feet. It was pure heaven from that day forward! I now own 10 pairs and wear them daily. I have spent a week in Florida at Disney, climbed mountain sides in Utah and walked all of Amsterdam with no foot pain. I am always ready to head out again for the next adventure- and I owe it all to Z-CoiLs. Liz D Katy, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   In 2009, after working for 6 and a half years in the same airport, I discovered Z-Coil. One of my fellow workers had these shoes on and I asked him about the comfort. He highly suggested the Z-Coil brand. I purchased my first pair and within 3 days of first wearing them my lower legs were not getting as tired or sore as they have been. My knees and hips also seemed to last for my whole shift and I was able to finish the day without being tired and sore as I had been. I continue to use the Z-Coil brand and constantly steer others to the purchase. The shoes have given me a better quality of life on a daily basis. Thank You Z-Coil James L Corpus Christi, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   I am a 6ft 2in 250 pound Respiratory Therapist. My week on, week off schedule calls for six 12.5 hour shifts in seven days. We walk and stand nearly 90% of a shift most nights. I had been alternating between brand name "walkers" and Crocs for the last 5-6 years. Six months ago, I began to have severely painful feet by the end of each shift; eventually reaching the point that they still hurt when I got up to prepare for the next night. I experienced no pain by the third day of my "off" week and it returned by the second shift of my week on duty. I knew I needed superior shoes due to the pounding my body weight was giving my feet. I spent quite a long time reading online information and recommendations at various healthcare related sites. I was intrigued by the Z-CoiL. The nearest store that carries Z-CoiL is 90 miles away. I have extra wide feet with a very high instep and have always tried on shoes before purchase. But with the price of gasoline and no other reason to visit the areas where these retail stores are located, I took a chance on ordering a lace-up model online, due to the unconditional return guarantee. By the fourth day of wearing them, I was accustomed to the slight change in posture and stride caused by the orthotic and coil. Likely, this change caused the mild "tightness" I initially felt in my lower legs and lower back (history of lower back spasm) which soon disappeared. I had also "stretch out" the toe box portion of the shoe and adjusted the lacing to accommodate my high instep. I was anxious to see what would occur on the second work week using my new Z-CoiLs. By the end of the second week the pain was essentially resolved. When I finished my fourth work week on Z-CoiLs I gave them credit for the elimination of my foot pain. Unfortunately, on nearly the same day I ordered the Z-CoiLs, I picked up a pair of Dansko clogs in extra wide width at a uniform fair sponsored by our hospital volunteers. I had already worn them by the time the Z-CoiLs arrived. Now I find myself starting the shift in the Z-CoiLs. If the shift slows down by one or two AM, I go to my locker and switch to the Dansko clog to allow the Z-CoiLs to air out. I notice the orthotic support in both shoe brands gives identical heel to toe downward angulation but the Z-CoiL gives far-superior shock absorbancy (I can literally feel the spring in my step!!). My only concern now is that I obviously need a second pair of Z-CoiLs, so I can alternate shoes each day to extend their life. BTW, customer service was great! On my third week of use, I had pivoted quickly in an emergency situation. Afterward, I heard a clicking sound and found the spring base was loosened. I e-mailed the receptionist at Z-CoiL and she telephoned me back with instruction on how to access and carefully re-tighten the bolt, which had loosened when I planted my weight and pivoted. Took longer to get the Phillips head screw driver than to snug the heel back down. DENNIS M EATON RAPIDS, Michigan ________________________________________________________________________   I have three sections of vertebrae fused solid and an extra vertebrae in my spine. I also have moderate to severe arthritis in my spine. For 20 yrs I have put up with numbness of the legs and hardly could walk first thing in the morning I was put on pain pills 4 times a day. My friend, who sold me my motorcycle, suggested I try on a pair of Z-CoiL shoes, he had a pair my size, I used them for about an hour and felt a tremendous difference. This convinced me to go to a Z-CoiL distributor. We live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. My wife went with me to Erie, Penns. USA. My wife came with me because she broke her ankle 14 months ago, she walks with a limp and has a lot of arthritis in that ankle. She has a lot of pain and she came with me reluctantly. We drove to Erie 150 miles away. We got to the store and Andy was there to great us. Laurie tried on the shoes, walked in them a little bit, then walked more and couldn’t stop walking, she said NO PAIN in the ankle, she flew around the store faster and faster. SOLD. She now has no pain in her ankle and her toes. She is a believer. For myself, these shoes have allowed me to stop using my pain pills. I no longer have the pain I used to have, the numbing of the legs is gone, joints do not hurt as much any more and my back does not hurt as much anymore. Not all the pain is gone, but at least 85% gone. Livable... I wish Canada would have these stores carrying the line of Z-CoiLs, if I could, I would. LOVE THESE Z-COILS, BEST SHOES IN THE WORLD. Joseph & Laurie B OntarioNiagara Falls ________________________________________________________________________   I have been working in a "Big Box" home improvement store for 12 years, about 8 years ago, I was ready to quit. My feet, ankles and knees hurt so bad after 8 hours on concrete floors, all I could do after work was drive straight home, put my feet up, eat some aspirin and pray that I could sleep that night. There was no stopping on the way home at the store. I couldn't walk any more. I lamented this to my mom on the phone one day. She suggested I find out about the funny looking shoes with springs for heels that the nurses were wearing at the hospital she frequented. She said the nurses work long hours on their feet on hard floors and it may be work looking into. I had no idea what she was talking about because I had never seen them. I started searching the internet for "spring shoes" I got the Spring shoe Sale at every shoe store in the country, finally I stumbled upon the Z-coil website. It turned out there was a store just 18 miles up the road from me. I went there ASAP, the owner was very helpful, he made certain the shoes fit me perfectly, he used clamps and a heat gun to gently adjust the instep. I will NEVER wear anything but Z-coils to work. I can shop, dance, jog or whatever after a long shift and I have NO PAIN. They are not pretty, but they are beautiful! Every year at tax return time, I invest in another pair! Every pair I have owned has lasted me at least 3 years in a tough envoirnment! I have had to re-sole most of my pairs due to the beating they take, but I have been super impressed with the quality and comfort of these shoes. I even have the sandals and the slip on clogs for when I am not at work! Kathy W Kailua Kona, Hawaii ________________________________________________________________________   I would not want to imagine a day when I do not tie my feet into a pair of Z-CoiLs....There is no price one can place on their well being! As far as I am concerned, Z’s are worth their weight in gold... We must inform those who are suffering, those in discomfort and those who are unaware such an incredible healing and supportive product is available. Markus K ________________________________________________________________________   I broke my left leg in a motorcycle accident when I was twenty, I'm nearly fifty eight now. I shattered an inch of bone and very nearly lost my leg. Till a few years ago I got around just fine, then arthritis started settling into the ankle. It always took me several steps to warm the ankle but more and more it took many more steps to walk easy and since I'm the maintenance supervisor of a company with several properties, walking is must, many steps, all day long. Some months ago I saw your shoes in a local shoe store and was curious but the price scared me off. Then my girlfriend found a nearly new pair at a local Goodwill store and we bought them. What did we have to lose They were very inexpensive. Suddenly I can walk all day. I don't end every day in terrible pain. I had been considering having my ankle amputated (seriously) and having a prosthesis fitted. Now, with your shoes, I can put that thought away for many more years. Thank you. I know how I came to have your shoes was not very profitable to you.... yet. I'm sold now. I'll be buying new ones from you in the future. Craig W Oregon ________________________________________________________________________   I have to comment on Z-CoiLs. I have been a Surgical Technologist for 19 years and have always been looking for the new best thing for comfort, always falling short. HOWEVER, I have FINALLY found what is going to be my last style of shoes ever. From the moment I put them on ‘til 4 weeks later I have NOT had any issues with my hips, legs or feet. Even after the end of a 16-hour shift, my joints and feet were feeling fine. REALLY. I was so impressed that I bought 2 pair, and this past weekend I went to Universal Studios for 3 days. And while everyone else was complaining about their feet, mine were feeling AWESOME !!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to work and play without pain :).. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Michelle V McAlpin, Florida ________________________________________________________________________   I am a correctional officer for the NC DOC. Our shifts are 12 hours long and most of that time is spent on our feet on concrete. When I worked a three-day stretch, my heels would feel just like two nails were being driven into them and my knees had started to ache and I would have occasional back stiffness. I tried all kinds of insoles in my 5.11's duty boots, I bought Rocky's duty shoes, NB 926's and Rockport Prowalker, none of which really relieved my pain. I purchased a pair of Z-CoiL Z-Duty boots after my nephew had tried a pair at his new warehouse job and recommended I try them. It was a great improvement immediately, and after 3 weeks I am very impressed. I believe my feet and heels actually healed during that time. I now work the three-day, 12-hour shifts and my feet feel as good at the end of the third night as they did at the beginning of the first morning. They draw plenty of comments and remarks, but when I go home with my feet, heels, legs and back feeling good after 12 hours of pounding the concrete, I don't really care what anyone says. I have since purchased a pair of Z-Walkers with the slip-resistant soles for casual wear and I hope to soon add more to my wardrobe. My wife now has the Freedoms in black and a pair of the blue and white. It's hard to believe the difference these boots and shoes have made. I have and will recommend them to anyone who inquires. My only complaint is that I have to remove them at my job to go through the metal detector, but a minute of inconvenience is worth hours of pain-free walking and standing. Thanks, Z-CoiL. Lloyd D Statesville, North Carolina ________________________________________________________________________   My heels were hurting and the front part of my foot was hurting. Several doctors kept telling me I needed surgery. After wearing Z-CoiL shoes for two weeks, all the pain was gone. These work better than Shape Ups, even though they are similar. Liz O California ________________________________________________________________________   Hi there! Totally love your shoes. I now have 7 pair. Bummed that I don't live in a state that sells the shoes. (Delaware :( ) But anyway, I was in my first earthquake the other day (the 5.9 that shook the East Coast.) When the earthquake started, I was inside my office building on the 2nd floor. People had to point out that the floor was shaking because I didn't notice it. WHY, you ask I was wearing my Z-CoiL shoes, and I guess they absorbed the shocks from the tremors. I had to lean forward on the ball of my feet before I did. Pretty amazing. They really do absorb shock!!! Well, take it from someone with a bad back and bad feet, your shoes make getting around totally possible for me. Thank you so much. But PLEASE ...bring a store to Delaware. Dorothy C Dover, Delaware ________________________________________________________________________   It's difficult to know where best to start. Well, I've been a first-time owner of a pair of Z-CoiLs for a week now. I was intrigued by the testimonials on the Z-CoiL site and other sites and decided to invest in a pair to see what the hype was all about. I'd been an almost daily long distance runner throughout my 20s and into my 30s. At about 33, I noticed that I wasn't recovering from my runs as quickly as I used to do. All right; age, no biggie. But the pain wasn't like I knew muscle pain to be. The pain was settled deeply into my hips and it took hours for this bone-deep, tooth-ache-like rotting pain to fade. As time went on, it took days to fade. After more time it took weeks. Running, which had been my pastime and passion, had become an agony. Even a short period of time at a light jog meant paying through the nose with pain for days afterwards. Reluctantly, I stopped. I didn't let on to those who knew me how much giving up running really hurt me emotionally. I continued aerobic exercise at home, but even that eventually reduced my walking to a hobble. Neighbors who saw me after a work-out assumed I was drunk or drugged, which I found out years later, to my horror! In recent years, I've worked on concrete, walking about five miles a day. Now it wasn't just my hips kicking the daylights out of me; my lower back, knees, one ankle, and one developing bunion were hurting me. By the end of every workday I was limping to my car. I hated my body for what it was doing to me ... then hating myself for what I must've done to my body to do this kind of downhill damage to it. I was researching doctors within my health plan who may do hip replacement on someone under 40, while knowing it was an awful idea. Ugly shoes You have to be kidding me! If Z-CoiLs gave me any portion of my life back, I'd wear them to every neighboring schools' Homecoming and Prom proudly! Ballroom gown and all! So, I got a pair a black, enclosed-heeled Freedoms for work. I got them on a work evening. I put them on. The healing started immediately. The pain was 100% gone from my lower back, hips and knees within the hour. The pain in my ankle and foot was about 80% gone and fading every day as of this writing. The day I bought and received my Z-CoiLs, I tried not to 'tempt fate' and still wouldn't bend over for anything. I hadn't been able to do so without lasting pain for about 10 years and I had no illusion that a pair of shoes would change this fact right away, if ever. Without thinking, I bent over to pet one of my dogs... ...for the first time in 10 years, no pain. None, zip, zilch, zero. It was a miracle. I burst into tears. Still sobbing, I tried it again, three more times. Not a twinge. I waited til my husband was home and showed him what Z-CoiL made me able to do. He laughed and hugged me, then asked me to throw out my other useless 'pre-pain' many pairs of shoes. Oh, gladly! :) One week later, I've scrimped on other expenses to purchase one more pair of Z-CoiLs for “tooling about town.” I bend over suddenly at random to enjoy the pain-free feeling of doing so. I feel like a kid again. My newest pair of Z-CoiLs will enable me to jog/speed walk for the first time in years. When I'm strong enough, I'm confident I'll be running again within the month. What Z-CoiL has given me far exceeds the price of the shoes. It's a miracle, plain and simple. When I think about my lack of pain and newfound mobility, it brings me to tears and I believe it will for a long time to come. I'm the happiest girl in the world because of what Z-CoiL did for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Z-CoiL! Jackie C Council Bluffs, Iowa ________________________________________________________________________   My family LOVES Z-CoiLs! My mom is 88 years old, and she was using a walker before she got her Z-CoiL shoes. My two sisters and I have at least two pairs each and we love them. I had plantar fasciitis, but once I started wearing my Z-CoiLs I was cured. I thought you might be interested in the picture we had taken. Nita L Harlingen, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   After I am approached with, "What kind of shoes are those/ Do you like them/" I sing the praises of my Z-CoiL shoes. They are fixing my feet! I have been teaching public school for the past 11 years, which means standing all day long on concrete floors. The past three years have been nearly pain-free! Let me back up, in order that you may understand. At the age of 13, my mother took me to a podiatrist. My feet ached and my arches were exceptional (2-1/2 in.) I heard people complain of aching feet, so nothing shocked me when mine hurt. They made x-rays, pushed, pulled, and misdiagnosed: hammertoe. The doctor told me I wouldn't be walking by the time I was 35 and to stop wearing high-heels. (As a tomboy, I didn't even own a pair.) I was prescribed inserts to ease the strain on my arches, which caused me more pain! Needless to say, I hated wearing them and frequently didn't. After a car wreck in the early 90's, I was diagnosed with a ruptured disk. In trying to deal with the back pain this caused me, I was referred to another podiatrist. Although this doctor is renowned for his foot care, he could not identify the source nor a cure for my misshapen feet. Twenty minutes of x-rays and manipulations resulted in another pair of inserts and two leg braces I like to call torture devices! Wearing them both caused severe leg cramps and more foot pain. So, again, more money spent on treatment which I refused to follow through. I just tried to deal with it. However, as the jarring from each step caused more than just foot pain, I continued to seek help. I've been seeking chiropractic care and taking narcotic pain medication for years when I came upon the Z-CoiL advertisement. Like most people, I read the promises and testimonials thinking, “Too good to be true.” The price for one pair of shoes was a luxury for which I wasn't prepared; although, when my mother said, "Let's go check them out in person," I couldn't resist. What a day that was! Glen Word was the Z-CoiL rep who patiently tended to my every question. He didn't need to know what the doctors thought they knew. He just went through the motions, helped me find a style I liked, and told me to try them out. He made me a believer. I wore the shoes all summer. My legs ached in new places. Glen told me to hang in there and let the shoes work their magic. He checked my walk and adjusted the shoes three months later. Wow, I couldn't believe the difference it made. I went back to work that Fall a new person. I had more energy. My back ached less, my hips hurt less, my knees made less noise, and for the first time in my life, My Feet Didn't Ache! I continue to visit my rep every three months. He continues to monitor the changes in my foot bone structure and make the appropriate adjustments to my shoes. He listens to me, and we have become friends. I have since purchased three new styles and wear nothing else! My parents were so amazed with my progress, they both purchased several pair of Z-CoiLs. As diabetics, this footwear has taken away a lot of strain. My father is more mobile and my mother says her legs only ache when she wears her dress shoes. I tell her, "Don't wear anything else!" I walk, I play, I can run after horses. I continue to be an active mother, wife and teacher. My life is so improved. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dawn C Clarksville, Tennessee ________________________________________________________________________   I am 70 years old. I have five pairs of Z-CoiL shoes and I wear nothing else. I can walk and lift all day and never have back pain, they are so, so comfortable and they support me so well. I walk around Disney World all day without any sore feet. My friends tease me, but they all suffer with bad backs and problems. I have people follow me around all the time and ask me for information on my shoes and where to get them. I carry cards and give them out all the time and make sure they understand the concept of the shoes. They are wonderful. If you have any new styles coming out, please let me know. They are the best. Brenda M Valrico, Florida ________________________________________________________________________   I have worn Z-CoiL shoes for about one year now. Every now and then ( for looks ) I wear a regular pair of shoes, but I always come back to my Z-CoiLs. They have erased the pain in my feet ( I had fallen arches ) from standing all day. I am now looking for a pair of Z-CoiL tennis shoes so that I can start running. Michele G Bon Aqua, Tennessee ________________________________________________________________________   I have Diabetic Neuropathy, and worked standing all my life, with very painful feet. I bought my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes in 2002 after my sister told me she saw a nurse wearing them in Texas. I have worked for Sam’s Club/WalMart for 24 years, with my feet in so much pain I barely made it to my car. I have members ask me every day at work about my Z-CoiLs, and tell them how much relief I get and where to buy them. If I had $200,000.00 I could sell every shoe. My feet still hurt, but nothing like they did before I started wearing Z-CoiLs. Don't wait another minute, buy a pair today. I thank the Lord for the person that invented Z-CoiLs. THIS SHOE IS MADE FOR EVERYONE. Katherine R Virginia Beach, Virginia ________________________________________________________________________   When Z-CoiL shoes first came out, my husband and I would just laugh, being very confident in our feelings that no one would ever buy a shoe that looked like that. Yes, I did get my wake up call when it was just too painful for me to even put a shoe on, much less take a step. My shortened history is that, while out hiking, I accidently took the fast way down a cliff -- in other words, I fell about 30 feet. After many surgeries and doctor visits, we found out that I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Basically, this disease causes your nerves to always think and react as if they are in the most painful situation. This is why I have trouble walking or just about anything else; but originally being from Albuquerque, my husband and I decided that we would go check Z-CoiLs out while visiting my family. I PUT THE SHOES ON AND REFUSED TO TAKE THEM OFF. I buy a new pair about every 5 years (yes, they last that long wearing every day). I do have new insoles put in between, but they are low maintenance and very durable. Do not let the people with poor manners dissuade you from these shoes. These are the best thing that has happened in my coping folder. I live in Phoenix AZ, but if someone has questions, feel free to contact me. Lori K Phoenix, Arizona ________________________________________________________________________   Five years ago I acquired a pair of the Mary Jane Z-CoiL shoes. I have worn them virtually daily since then, saving hundreds on shoes because, usually, I go through shoes in months. Though my financial situation has deteriorated to the point that I cannot afford to have them professionally renewed, though I have to sew the straps back on now and then, though I have to tighten the heels and glue the treads back on -- they didn't begin to have problems until about four years in. I still wear them nearly every day. And I love them so because my feet no longer hurt when I stand for more than 15 minutes. I love them because they helped my posture and my back no longer hurts. I seriously love them! Thanks for making them. Amyellen L Ithaca, New York ________________________________________________________________________   I just received my 2 new pair of Z-CoiL shoes (Freedom White and Z-West boot) and absolutely love them! First time I saw Z-CoiL was back in 2004. I had NO IDEA of the amazing cushioning and shock absorption this footwear has to offer...UNTIL NOW! I'm 31 and I do pest control at restaurants. This job is very physically demanding on the body (i.e., feet, legs, knees, back, neck). I do a lot of walking and standing at my job. For the past several years I got by with using inferior gel-foam insoles and they provided little, if any, comfort. So I wondered what footwear I could buy that would help me be more comfortable and have less foot/back pain on the job and at the end of my shift. I tried Redwings and Wolverine boots and they're durable, but ARE NOT COMFORTABLE whatsoever! I'm glad I gave Z-CoiL shoes a try because I was beginning to lose hope on finding truly comfortable footwear. I plan on wearing ONLY Z-CoiL shoes from now on and selling all my other shoes and boots! Z-CoiLs are expensive to buy and I've learned that comfort comes at a higher price than normal ... but in the end it is DEFINITELY worth the price you will pay. Thank you for making this incredible and comfortable footwear! John U San Antonio, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   Your shoes are great! I was in agony and all the doctor could do was tell me to ice my feet every night and take Motrin. Then I was told surgery. I found these instead and I was saved. Kelley H San Francisco Bay Area, California ________________________________________________________________________ Visit our website to learn more about Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people with foot pain who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee foot pain relief or we will give you a full refund.  


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