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Z-CoiL Testimonial


Consumer Testimonials....

"I found  Z-Coils about 6 or 7 years ago. I had severe plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel.   I'm a nurse on my feet for 12-15 hour a day. I would have to change to a different pair of shoes every few hours, ( I took 4 pair of shoes to work plus 2 different orthotics) I had Birkenstocks, Danskos, Nikes  and some other brand  I tried.  I also rolled my feet on ice to make it through a shift at work.  I had foot surgery and still had terrible pain. I drove to Provo and bought my first pair. They changed my life.  I could make it through an entire shift in the same shoe and my pain eased.  One other benefit that I wasn't expecting is I have a bad back with and injury that caused bulging discs and torn facets in my back.  I had been getting steroid epidurals every 6 months    For the past 3 years and spent many days in physical therapy, since wearing the Z-coils I have never had another steroid injection. I try to buy a pair every year. This year  I bought 2.  I have only worn out  2 pair completely and needed to replace the heals on another this year.  I wear my z-coil's everyday." ~Carol Graff    "I am a surgical nurse, on my feet all day and carrying lots of extra weight. I have had chronic bilateral plantar fasciitis for about 3 years. I was treated by 3 different doctors and went through it all... wraps, injections, meds, exercises, orthotics, etc. I finally had surgery on one leg (gastrocnemius recession to lengthen the calf muscle that was contracting the foot and pulling the fascia) and was supposed to do the other leg soon after. However, I got multiple blood clots from the first surgery and had to put the second one off for 6 months. I desperately searched for something to give me some relief. I found Z-CoiL shoes online and went to check them out. I was immediately hooked!! They are the most wonderful shoes I have ever had on my feet! I used to be an avid Birkenstock fan, but I have been converted! The minute I put them on, I could walk more easily and had great pain relief. After a couple of weeks, I was completely sold on my Z-CoiL shoes. It's amazing how much better I walk and how great my feet feel. I do wear my orthotics in my Z-CoiL shoes and the retailer even adjusted them so that I don't walk on the outsides of my heels anymore. I used to come home from work every day and collapse in the recliner with ice packs and foot massagers. Now I come home and walk the dog! They are also great conversation starters; I have someone ask me about my Z-CoiLs pretty much every day. I am quite the spokesperson for Z-CoiL shoes! By the way, I am NOT having my second surgery, but I AM buying my second pair of Z-CoiL shoes!  Thank you, Z-CoiL!" ~Loren C Sturgis   "I have been an RN for 31 years. Two years ago I developed plantar fasciitis. I am a labor and delivery nurse and am on my feet at the patients bedside 10 to 12 hours a day. I was in such pain, I could hardly work. A gal I work with had a pair of Z-CoiL shoes she wore for knee pain. I immediately got on the internet to find a store that sold Z-CoiL shoes near where I live. I bought my first pair in Spearfish, South Dakota. The sandals were so comfortable, I wore them to work. The second pair I bought in Billings, Montana. The Tia is my absolute favorite!! I can barely stand to wear any other shoe. Before I found Z-CoiL shoes, I had doubts about remaining in nursing. Z-CoiL shoes work better for me than acupuncture, medications (both oral and injection), and icing my foot. I knew I had found a winner the first time I put them on." ~Carol C. Sheridan   Read more testimonials here... Review products by star rating here...   HP-legend