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 Customer Testimonials

“I developed plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis in BOTH feet. After trying numerous treatments per doctor’s orders, i.e., cortisone shots, casting for six weeks, six months of physical therapy and icing and heat, my doctor said to try these shoes. I admit I was skeptical because everything else had failed. Within ONE week of wearing your work boots, I was able to get back to work after a SIX month medical leave. These shoes genuinely saved my job as well as my quality of life. As a side benefit, my knee, hip and lower back pain has all but disappeared. I have turned numerous friends, family and complete strangers into users of these shoes, and they, too, have enjoyed the benefits. I could tell you their great stories as well, but I’ve gone on long enough with mine. Thank you so much for my MASSIVE pain relief!”
~Anthony W. Kewanee, Illinois   My z-coil shoes have given me a second lease on life! I have been working retail for seven years and over the last couple of years my feet have hurt so much that I began to become depressed. I thought there was no answer to the pain and that I was going to have to come home every night from work feeling like my feet were bleeding. I tried a number of different shoes before I found z-coils. The z-coils have given me the ability to put on the miles at work with virtually no pain! Even when I made the purchase, I didn't think this type of turn around was possible. Thank you so much for an incredible product! Rarely do you find a product that actually delivers exactly what it advertises... simply amazing!
~Kelsey W.  Pound Wisconsin
I am a security guard and I walk around 30 miles a week or better. I have a bit of a weight issue for myself. When I went to look at a pair of Z-CoiLs I never thought that I would have been walking out of the store with a pair, but I did and then on it was Z-CoiLs all the way, they were the best investment that I could have do ne for myself to this day. People might think that it is a big price to pay but it is all worth it and then some.
~Tanya M.  Port Deposit Maryland
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