Leg Pain Testimonials

Out in the public often people come up to me and ask me “Hey, what kind of shoes are those and why do you wear them?” I tell them “They’re Z-CoiL’s and they’ve saved the quality of my life. I was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident in 1995 and diagnosed to never walk again. Z-CoiL’s take about 50% of the compression off your spine and I have two titanium rods in my back so I need all the support I can get. One of the other reasons I wear Z-CoiL’s is through a second surgery I had I lost a half inch of my right femur. With the Z-CoiL’s they can put spacers between the heel of the shoe and the coil, they separate. I lost a half inch in my right femur so I have a half inch spacer in between the heel and the coil which levels me out. Prior to wearing Z-CoiL’s I had to wear a lift inside my shoe which caused severe lower back pain. Since I started wearing Z-CoiL’s 2 years ago I have become lower back pain free! I highly recommend everyone with back pain, hip pain, or leg pain or any disability at all to wear a pair of Z-CoiL’s. Thank you Z-CoiL! Markus K ________________________________________________________________________ I nearly must wear Z-CoiL's as they are the only shoes that keep me pain-free and working as a teacher with foot, knee, and back problems. I have several pair, but the clogs fit my style best! Please consider making a shoe similar to the discontinued gray clog. The current Mary Jane type shoe is often too dressy. Over the last 10 yrs., I have bought about 12 -15 different pairs of Z-CoiL's, so I am a long time and loyal customer. Alison K Amarillo, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   I purchased my 1st Z-Coil pair in 2008 due to severe pain in my arches and calves after walking about 1/2 mile. I took them to Vegas knowing I had a lot of walking ahead. I probably walked 5 miles/day for a week, it's 'a miracle', no more pain! I also have pigmentary glaucoma, where the coloration of the eye flakes off and clogs the eye's ability to drain properly. Jogging is not encouraged and I try keep impact and vibration to a minimum. I feel that this product can only add an additional level of protection to my doctor's current treatment. I call them my "Happy Shoes", since they positively affected my personality overnight. Everyone who sees them asks if they work, I then tell them this story. You made a life time client out of me. Thanks Z-CoiL! Patrick Rose Patrick R Hendersonville, Tennessee ________________________________________________________________________   I bought my first pair 2 years ago at a local retailer. I was barely able to walk after a year of doctors, tests, and therapy. I was not a surgical candidate but with the myriad of issues I had going on it was just getting worse. From the lower back down I was a total mess! I happened to see in my podiatrist’s office an ad for z-coil so jumped online to find the nearest store to my home. The day I walked into that store changed my life literally! I went in barely able to walk, pain and my trusty old cane. I tried on shoes and got fitted with the correct orthotic and it was amazing! I practically skipped out of the store. I was thrilled to be able to walk again! I am grateful for these shoes and for giving me back the ability to walk normal again. None of my health issues that created this problem have gone away but I can walk again comfortably. Thank you Z-CoiL! Kim R Andrews, Indiana ________________________________________________________________________   day, one of my friends GM got a pair and was raving about them ... So I did my homework and drove 2 hours away to Virginia Beach, Virginia, found the Z-CoiL store and I tried on my first pair and walked a crossed the floor ...OMG, took my pressure off my back and I was like holy crap! The z-coil guy James took 3.5 hours to fit both the shoes I bought that day! Such detail was put in to fit them to me! (and I have odd feet ) Well now after my body has adjusted to walking correctly, I have been pain free in my lower back and NO pain running down my leg.....Wow! I have had the shoes for 1 month now and love them! I will never ware regular shoes again! Benatar P Richmond, Virginia ________________________________________________________________________   I have had my Z-CoiLsfor 4 years now and to me it is just amazing how after all this time using them there are no other shoe that compares. I have tried them all but I keep going back to my Z-CoiL's because my leg pain is gone and the lower back pain is almost gone when I wear them. When I wear something else I have several days of very bad pain after that but when I am back to wearing my Z-CoiLs again the pain kind of just goes away. I tell people that wearing my Z-CoiLs is like walking on pillows all day long. They are that great! I can't wait to get my next pair. Lisa S Merrifield, Minnesota ________________________________________________________________________   I have been a grateful and satisfied Z-CoiL customer for over a decade. I was originally introduced to the shoes by a physiotherpist who was treating me for pain in my shins - apparently a not uncommmon issue for large men like myself - 210lb and 6' 2". He recommended that I stop wearing Birkenstocks and get shoes with a heel. When I remarked that all I wore were open toed, sandal style shoes and that the chance of finding something like that with heels was pretty unlikley he showed me what he was wearing. So, I went to visit the local Z-CoiL shop. My first reaction to wearing Z-CoiLs was that they looked a bit too odd, and seemed very unstable... and started to leave. The store owner remarked that he had an used pair of the shoes in my size that he'd loan me for a week, so I decided to give them a go. 4 days later I noticed that not only had my shin pain diminished... but that my low back pain had completely vanished! I went back to the shop the next day and bought two pairs of the shoes and have been wearing Z-CoiLs ever since. Many of my friends have asked about the shoes, and I have told them that they should just go ahead and buy them - and that if the shoes did not help their back pain, I'd buy the shoes from them and give them as a gift to someone else. I know of at least 5 or 6 people now wearing Z-CoiLs due to my encouragement - and no one has taken me up on my refund offer. Thank you for making such wonderful, soothing shoes! Michael W Honolulu, HI ________________________________________________________________________   In 2009, after working for 6 and a half years in the same airport, I discovered Z-Coil. One of my fellow workers had these shoes on and I asked him about the comfort. He highly suggested the Z-Coil brand. I purchased my first pair and within 3 days of first wearing them my lower legs were not getting as tired or sore as they have been. My knees and hips also seemed to last for my whole shift and I was able to finish the day without being tired and sore as I had been. I continue to use the Z-Coil brand and constantly steer others to the purchase. The shoes have given me a better quality of life on a daily basis. Thank You Z-Coil James L Corpus Christi, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   I originally bought a pair of Z-CoiLs in 2009, at the time I was working a job that required a lot of standing and walking on concrete. I was having lower back and knee problems and wanted to see if the shoes would help. They did not help with my back and knee issues in the couple of months I tried them, so I put them in the closet and went out and tried various other shoes until I found ones that worked for that situation. However a few months ago (early 2012) I quit my old job and got a much more sedentary desk job. In the last few months I have noticed that walking causes me severe shin splints, to the point where I have trouble walking more than 15 minutes at a time without needing to rest. I think the leg muscles in my lower leg have atrophied by no longer standing and walking at work all day. So I pulled my Z-CoiLs out of the closet to see if they would help and I found they let me walk w/o shin splints. I can easily walk an hour in these shoes while any other shoe will have me sitting and resting my shins in 15 minutes due to the pain. I don't like the fact that I have these problems in my early 30s, but am glad I have Z-CoiLs which, so far, have let me walk as much as I want while I retrain my leg muscles. So these shoes didn't work for what I originally bought them for, but they did work well on new problems that came up down the road. And the fact that they are over 3 years old and still going strong says a good deal about them. I'm lucky if I get 6 months out of most of my shoes. Todd B indianapolis, Indiana ________________________________________________________________________   Back in February I had a heel spur that made it extremely painful to walk. I met Bob who told me about Z-CoiL and I was willing to try anything to ease the pain. Well Bob was right. I am now pain free and owe it all to him and Z-Coil. Thank you Bob! Gerry S West Palm Beach, Florida ________________________________________________________________________   I have to comment on Z-CoiLs. I have been a Surgical Technologist for 19 years and have always been looking for the new best thing for comfort, always falling short. HOWEVER, I have FINALLY found what is going to be my last style of shoes ever. From the moment I put them on ‘til 4 weeks later I have NOT had any issues with my hips, legs or feet. Even after the end of a 16-hour shift, my joints and feet were feeling fine. REALLY. I was so impressed that I bought 2 pair, and this past weekend I went to Universal Studios for 3 days. And while everyone else was complaining about their feet, mine were feeling AWESOME !!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to work and play without pain :).. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Michelle V McAlpin, Florida ________________________________________________________________________   After a sudden onset of Congestive Heart Failure and edema, I was admitted for aortic valve prolapse, endocarditis, and CHF. A week later I had an Aortic Valve Replacement. After three weeks of diuretics and 40 lbs. of fluid loss, I still had edema in my legs from residual fluid and it was painful to walk. But I was able to put my Z-CoiL hikers on and walk short distances, and within a day the swelling was way down and within two days, no swelling. Now I am back to walking my usual two miles a day with my wife and three dogs. Albert G Albuquerque, New Mexico ________________________________________________________________________   I've been wearing Z-CoiL shoes for about 20 years. Because I'm related to Al, I gave it a try to support his business. I put them on once and was sold. I got teased at first, but I've met people who were interested, at airports and other places. One woman told me, “At our age, who cares!" (if they look ugly). I've avoided back surgery and I don't have pain going down my legs -- reason enough to wear them! Blessings to Al and family. Sr. Anita V Tucson, Arizona ________________________________________________________________________   I am a Registered Nurse and I am on my feet all day at work. I absolutely love these shoes. They help my legs and back not feel so tired. I only wish they had the Women’s designs in size 12's. I advocate them to all who inquire about my springy shoes. Melonia L Colorado Springs, Colorado ________________________________________________________________________   Since I purchased my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes, I have been able to stop purchasing new orthotics every two years (a cost of $400.00 for which we have no insurance), and as long as I wear my Z-CoiL shoes daily, the circulation challenge in both feet and legs disappears. I have the largest heel spurs my foot doctor has ever seen, which no longer ache. I used to have plantar fasciitis, which made it quite painful to walk. Need I say how impressed I am with your revolutionary product And the savings are significant. Two pairs of walking shoes to wear the orthotics in, at $75.00 each, comes to $150.00 each year. No foot doctor bills either. I have been wearing Z-CoiL walking shoes for one full year at a cost of $220.00, and they will last me three years, according to the person who told me about their Z-CoiL shoes. What I would have spent per 3-year period was: $450.00 for 6 pairs of good shoes $600.00 for orthotics $100.00 for doctor co-pays For a grand total of: $1,740.00 This does not take into consideration my time and car expenses. Nor can the pain I avoided be assigned a monetary value. All I did was pay $220.00 for this 3-year period for healthy feet and legs. The savings of $1,520.00 for wearing comfortable, healthy, pain-free feet and legs is incomparable anywhere. Their very sturdy build allows them to continue to look almost brand new when I polish them,and I use these all spring, summer and fall for much gardening in my yard. When I think of it, it is almost like I am being paid to wear what's really great for me! JoanMary T Seymour, Connecticut ________________________________________________________________________   I have just about everything wrong with me on the list. I got my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes a year ago. They were just for work. The first three weeks I thought I was going to die from the pain in my legs. Everything that needed to straighten out did so all at once. After three weeks of wearing them every day to work, I was sold. I felt great when I got home. I have no back pain or leg pain whatsoever. I have just gotten three more pair this year. I have the dress sandals now, and they are great. If you want to walk and enjoy walking again, Z-CoiLs are the way to go. Stephen M Gatesville, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   Before I got Z-CoiL shoes, I would have chills shoot down my left leg and stabbing pains in my hip. I could hardly stand on my leg for more than two hours. I had tried every shoe on the market, including Dr. Scholls. Nothing worked. Well, I thought spending the extra money on Z-CoiLs would be worth it, and they were. Z-CoiLs made my life easier doing my job. Jackalynn B Kemah, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   I have been wearing Z-CoiL shoes for the past three years. I had been experiencing pain with heel spurs and lower back pain. I work at a casino so I am on my feet for more than 8 eights hours a day. Unfortunately, since they are so expensive I can only buy a pair once a year at tax time. I feel a lot of pain when I wear my regular shoes to work. My feet have a burning, hurt feeling in them and my lower back and legs hurt as well. I will be getting me another pair in a couple of weeks. They may be a lot, but they are worth it. I would not trade them for the world. Janis S Montgomery, Alabama ________________________________________________________________________   Last week I test walked a pair of Z-CoiL shoes after hearing about them. The test was so successful, I started preparing and saving to purchase a pair. After a net search and a quick call to check the hours of operation, with 1.5 hours time before closing, I jumped in my Focus and drove 23 miles to get my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes. Now, 2.5 hours since driving away in my popular black Freedom style Z's, I am excited and looking forward to wearing them in three days to the studio. With a three day weekend, Memorial Day holiday, I will simply wear them casually until putting them to the test. So far, so good! Thanks Z-CoiL! Michael T Antioch, Tennessee ________________________________________________________________________   I have had knee surgery in the past, and in 2007 I had a plate and four screws put in my lower spine (all this for my forty-sixth birthday). Not my idea of a good time! The surgery had to be done but afterwards, I felt my whole life had changed for the worse. I had to change jobs, and to this day, there are things I can't or shouldn't do. I am an active person and do not like to be limited in my adventures. I love to ride my Harley and I was determined to make it to the Sturgis motorcycle rally the year of my back surgery; although some thought it was not a good idea. Well, half way there, I was starting to agree with them. My feet were in such pain I didn't know if I was going to make it to the rally; and if I did, would I be able to make it home Many hours later (with the aid of ice packs) I made it to Sturgis. After hours on my feet I found myself going back to camp early because my back was killing me. One night I stopped for a bite to eat before going back to camp. I noticed a waitress had on some shoes that I had never seen before. Curiosity finally got the best of me and I asked her, “What’s up with those shoes?” She told me EVERYTHING she knew about them and how they helped her. She said that there was a store in Spearfish that carried them. After telling her my history, she told me I HAD to go check them out, “You'll be glad you did!” She was right! As soon as I put a pair of Z-CoiL boots on and stood up, I knew I was walking out with them on my feet. I may still have some limitations as to what I can do, but with my Z-CoiL boots I feel I have a new lease on life! I can be on my feet all day without pain in my Z-CoiL’s! If I have to stand in one spot for any length of time, a little side to side motion actually takes any stress away from my lower back. I work on concrete eight hours a day and want to get a pair of steel toed boots for work. I'm very thankful for my Z-CoiL shoes! Nothing else I have tried has even come close to delivering these kinds of results. Some people say, “Where did you get them goofy looking shoes” I just smile and tell them they look great to me, knowing the relief and freedom they give me and I would be happy to tell them all about my shoes if they would like to know! The Road Goes On Forever Richard R Armstrong, Missouri ________________________________________________________________________   I purchased my first pair of Z-Coil shoes on Thursday, May 13th from Brown Shoes in Freeport, IL. My body is riddled with Arthritis and I have always had problems with my feet. The first thing I noticed was feeling planted, and my body straightening up as though I had a string at the top of my head, with no pain in my feet or legs. I could walk without staggering or losing my balance. And best of all was a good night's sleep with no tossing and turning because of leg pain. Z-CoiL’s are the greatest shoes ever made! They were so helpful at the store that I just ordered another pair. Bonnie B Bellevue, Iowa ________________________________________________________________________   I purchased my Z-CoiL shoes (Freedom Style) five years ago and they are still going strong. I have gotten them soaking wet in rain, snow, and mud and they still fit and feel the exact same as the day I bought them. I did replace the heels last year (2009) but other than that, the tread is still perfect and I LOVE wearing them! I know I have had many people around town ask me if these shoes actually work. They are very skeptical, but I can assure them AND YOU that Z-CoiL shoes are everything they say they are and more. Yes, I do wear other shoes, but these are my main shoes 99% of the time. They take the strain off my back and make my feet and body feel like heaven (and I can say that with NO exaggeration). Buy these shoes and you will be very glad you did. Krissy S Albuquerque, New Mexico ________________________________________________________________________   I saw my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes almost 5 years ago. It was then that I tried a pair on and was immediately hooked. Being on my feet everyday, walking upwards of 5-7 miles per day as a Security Manager, I needed reliable, comfortable footwear that would hold up to the demand as well as support my knees and back. I still have that same pair I purchased almost 5 years ago! I've worn them exclusively 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. They JUST now look as though they need heel and rubber sole replacement, but the quality of the overall shoe has remained virtually the same and will go many, many more miles and years. The benefit you receive far outweighs the initial cost - which has been kept very reasonable considering the state of our economy. Buy with confidence; you'll get hooked like I did. Thank you Z-CoiL! G. L. L Aliso Viejo, California ________________________________________________________________________   I had a spinal cord injury in an auto accident July of 2007. I was paralyzed for 3 months due to a trapped spinal cord. We had a hard time finding a physician that would even do surgery on my spine. Even after my spinal surgery in December of 2008, I was still having severe pain and swelling in my feet, ankles, legs and lower back. My current physician recommended your shoes. Since the day I started wearing Z-CoiL’s I have had complete relief of ALL my symptoms. Thank you is not enough! Janice M Williford, Arkansas ________________________________________________________________________   I bought a pair of Z-CoiL shoes 3 weeks ago from Jigglin’ George in Gatlinburg, TN. from Mr.Belin (great guy by the way). My right leg has nine screws, a plate and a rod that has been holding it together for the last 11 years. After my last surgery in ‘99, I was sent to have shoes made so that my legs would be the same length, which is a 2 1/2 inch difference. I have always walked with a limp, used a cane, have been taking pain killers; you name it - I have tried it. But after two weeks of wearing Z-CoiL shoes I can honestly say, walking is so much easier now! I mean, I leave my wife and kids behind sometimes! LOL! I tell everyone that stops me and asks what they are, where they can buy them. I love them so much, I am seriously thinking about opening my own store!! Z-CoiL shoes are the most incredible thing since man was able to walk on the moon! Thank you! Phillip S Lake Cormorant, Mississippi ________________________________________________________________________   I began having back problems several years ago and was going to the chiropractor up to thirteen times a year! My husband saw a lady with Z-CoiL shoes and asked her about them. Although they sounded like they would help, I told him they were much too expensive (I was used to buying the cheap $10-$20 discount store pairs). In 2008, I grew tired of spending all my quality time at the chiropractor's office and I met yet another lady who had the same Z-CoiL shoes. I decided to give them a try. The first thing I noticed, my legs did not hurt anymore, however my back was still stiff. I kept wearing my Z-CoiL shoes and my back pain decreased. Two months later, I did an experiment and wore my regular Nike shoes that I had purchased several months before at a whopping $60. BIG MISTAKE! My back was so stiff the next day I thought, "Oh no! Here we go again to the Chiropractor". So I went back to wearing my Z-CoiL's; no chiropractor. The store we had been going to in Miamisburg had closed and we had to go to the next closest store in Piqua. What a treat and it was well worth the drive! The owners Ron and Tina are great. Ron spent so much time with me, fitting me and asking me questions, and making me feel as if we had known each other for a long time. I sure hope you will give them special recognition for doing such a great job as I will go there in two years when I get my third pair. My first pair was $200 two years ago. I figured $100 a year or $50 every six months. (And I thought I was blowing my budget with the one pair of Nike's!) Z-CoiL shoes have saved me money and saved me time. I recommend Z-CoiL shoes to anyone who is tired of hurting. It is a personal investment in me that I decided to make - and one that I had to TRY ON to believe. I am so glad that I did because this really is the shoe for me. I LOVE Z-COIL! I am going to suggest it to my company as a possible way to cut their healthcare costs because I believe in them THAT much. I work for Kroger and I am on concrete 40 hours a week doing customer service. These shoes have helped make my job more enjoyable. Thank you for creating Z-CoiL shoes and please recognize both Ron and Tina in Piqua, Ohio. Sincerely Betty O Wilmington, Ohio ________________________________________________________________________   I was telling friends how my Z-CoiL shoes have completely eliminated my back pain! The pain was SO BAD that after standing all day on asphalt to watch my grandson’s graduation in the Marines, I had to go home and lay in bed instead of celebrating with the family that evening. I first saw Z-CoiL when I visited my daughter in Arizona and her friend had a pair of Z-CoiL shoes on. She is a nurse and said she would never wear another shoe other than Z-CoiL. I thought I could use something like that, but never went further with the idea. Around Christmas time, I couldn’t even stand for an hour without having to lay in bed with pain killers for 2+ hours. My husband even had to do our grocery shopping, since shopping was an excruciatingly painful chore for me. Something had to be done. Instead of going to more doctors, I found a Z-CoiL store in Georgia and bought a pair of Bella’s. In less than 2 weeks of wearing my Bella’s, I was standing on my hard kitchen floor and baking cookies for 4 hours with NO PAIN! I did not have to retire to my bedroom to rest, instead I sat down with my feet up for 30 minutes. I wear my Z-CoiL shoes daily! Now it is almost April and I have not had an ounce of back pain since I put Z-CoiL’s on. These shoes are truly amazing! They look a little odd, yes, but you can't get me out of them!!! From being barely able to walk or stand on any surface, to now being able to walk with total freedom; what price can you put on that None. I can never thank you enough for your wonderful shoes and for giving me back my mobility and joy in life! Thank you so very much! Linda T Lawrenceville, Georgia ________________________________________________________________________   I bought a pair of Z-CoiL shoes in the summer of 2008 and I just love them!! My husband told me to go a Z-CoiL Store, and practically made me try a pair of them on. Once I did, and walked around the store for about 10 minutes, I was SOLD on them. They were so comfortable that I didn't want to take them off! I have really bad feet because I have no padding on the bottoms of my feet; so my feet hurt all the time, but not while I'm wearing Z-CoiL shoes! I work on my feet all day at Wal-Mart and these shoes really do put a spring in my step! At the end of the day, I'm not as tired as I used to be before wearing these shoes! Anyone who has foot problems and/or has to be on their feet all day long should invest in a pair of Z-CoiL shoes! You won't be sorry! Thank you, Janet R Springfield, Missouri ________________________________________________________________________   I think I should be the spokesperson for Z-CoiL footwear as I am stopped every time I go to town! Even recently on vacation, I was stopped. “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE FUNNY SHOES” was the question. The island people were especially interested. “Can we get those here” I told them how to find you and hoped these WONDERFUL shoes can be sent to them. I met one lady who had pain in her feet and legs for over 20 years! I do hope she can get some. As I told her, I was in bad shape 10 years ago before I found mine. I truly believe I would not be doing the things I do now if I didn't have Z-CoiL shoes! After my glasses they are the FIRST thing I put on of a morning and the last before bed. I have just purchased my fourth pair in 10 years, so I feel every penny is worth spending on them! Averaged out it really is only pennies a day. I still have the first pair and wear them when out in the yard. AND NO, I haven't had any trouble walking in them; in the brush or in a rainforest even. Yes! In a rainforest!!! Not one slip or stick in the spring. How's that for advertisement! Thank you, Z-CoiL! Thylia G Mont Belvieu, Texas ________________________________________________________________________   I got my Z-CoiL shoes 2 weeks ago. It seemed awkward at first but they were new. Once I stopped concentrating on them, I realized that they felt great on my feet and my pain was gone. My back doesn't feel the jolt of walking at any rate. So far, my Z-CoiL shoes feel terrific! I had always worn good shoes when I worked, which has helped save my feet over 40 years of standing. The price of Z-CoiL shoes is also comparable to my other work shoes. Thank you! Justin B W. Columbia, South Carolina ________________________________________________________________________

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