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Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® were designed for people suffering from plantar fasciitis!

If you have plantar fasciitis, you know that it can be troubling or debilitating..... it can last a week or it can last for years..... it can be permanent or it can come and go.  Whatever stage of plantar fasciitis you are experiencing, Z-CoiL Footwear can help!  Plantar fasciitis is caused by a lack of support in footwear that allows your foot to bend, twist or turn when it should not.  You can develop it very simply by wearing the wrong shoes. Z-CoiL Footwear was designed with a rigid orthotic built right into the shoe.  Our orthotic is unbreakable and it supports the sole of your foot so that the tendons and muscles in the foot cannot be damaged.  
Plantar Fascia and Heel Spur Illustration

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We have hundreds of testimonials from people with plantar fasciitis.  Read here a few from some who have improved their quality of life with these pain relieving shoes.  

I have Plantar fasciitis, the textbook kind. I remember being on my knees in grocery lines because it was too painful to stand. The anguish from mentally blocking the pain was indescribable. I tried acupuncture, podiatry, reflexology, physical therapy, and things in California I can't even remember the name of; all had some effect, but no real, long-lasting pain relief. Then one day the pain came roaring back like never before. I had lived like this for 12 years and decided that I no longer wanted to live a life struggling with pain. I decided to kill myself in 24 hours. I went about having a wonderful last day on this earth and visited a friend. "You should try those Z-Coil shoes," he said, having no idea what I had in mind. I figured, what the heck I've got 23 hours left! So I went and tried a pair. The moment I stood up I had a 50% reduction in pain. Five weeks later I went mountain hiking. That was 8 years ago. And I'm still here to tell the story! I tell everyone who asks about my Z-Coils this story. Then I tell them that if they have foot pain, RUN(!!!), don't walk(!!!), and get yourself a pair NOW!!!"

Dale T. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Person wearing Z-CoiL Shoes


Suffering from plantar fasciitis, I went to physical therapy for weeks, had cortisone shots, and wore the 'boot' at night for months. Nothing seemed to help. I was determined I was going to spend whatever amount necessary on a pair of shoes that would not hurt my feet. I spend a fortune on different shoes recommended to me but none of them worked. While at a shoe store in Orange Beach, Alabama, the salesperson introduced me to Z-CoiL shoes. It took me about 2 hours to decide to purchase them since they were so 'funky' looking. However, I bought them and wore them around the house to get use to them. I couldn't bring myself to wear them in public until I wore long pants to help hide the coils! In October, I went to Japan for 3 weeks. I wore them everywhere, and my feet did not hurt. I was amazed! When I returned home to Alabama, I got up the nerve to wear them to school. My students were fascinated! I have worn them every day since! I teach 5th grade and am on my feet ALL day. My feet do not bother me at all. I even bought the sandals to wear with my capri's. I continuously get questions about them. I highly recommend them to everyone! I have 2 pairs and am getting ready to buy the tennis shoes. Thanks Z-CoiL!

Michelle R. Auburn, Alabama

I just bought my Z-CoiL shoes this January, and could actually shout from the roof tops about how wonderful they are! I have a severe case of planter fasciitis in my left foot and have been suffering for well over a year. It had gotten to the point I could not walk on concrete without being in so much pain that I would cry. I was told about Z-CoiL shoes and after spending a few hundred dollars on other shoes, inserts, walking boot, etc., I thought why not give these shoes a try. What could it hurt spending a little more money Well, it was like instant relief!!!! I still feel like I am dreaming and afraid I am going to wake up and be hurting again. It is a true miracle for me. Words can not explain the relief that I feel! I highly recommend them to anyone with any type of foot problems and also back problems. I just thank God for finding out about these shoes. They are wonderful and like walking on a cloud. When you are fitted with them, they take their business seriously and take time making sure you are fitted properly. The orthotic inserts make them that much more comfortable. Honestly, I have cried many tears with so much pain and now, only 6 days later, no pain at all. It is a miracle and something that needs to be shouted from the roof tops. Thank you Z-CoiL!

Loraine L. Columbia, Louisiana

Z-CoiL® Footwear was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people with plantar fasciitis who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee plantar fasciitis pain relief or we will give you a full refund.  

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