Prosthetic Support

Z-CoiL is often useful as an addition to a prosthetic foot or leg.  Z-CoiL is a specially engineered equipment for people who work walk or play on hard surfaces.  Z-CoiL features a built in orthotic and a unique patented spring system.  

The spring reduces impact but also acts like an independent joint allowing people with fused ankles, prosthesis or and any rigid foot joint to increase mobility and also reduce pressure and stress on at area of attachment.  The spring unit is very unique to the shoe industry and does not act or perform like a normal shoe.    

A common prosthetic is a large carbon fiber curved leaf type spring which has similar function to Z-CoiL footwear.  The advantage of Z-CoiL is the price and the fact it will attach to a normal prosthetic foot.  



In 2013, I sustained a bad fall, breaking the heel of my left foot. The break was deemed “complicated”, and I was sent to Duke University Hospital, where their top-notch surgeon operated on me. Within seven months, I developed complications due to an allergic reaction to the metals, and had a second operation. I nearly lost my foot. With the second operation, they installed two long screws, going from the heel, to the balls of the toes. This left me with a 2” height difference, and VERY limited mobility. I cannot bend my foot at all now. Braces did not work for me, so I was left with a foot that is nearly immobile. “Walking” is very difficult and painful. The Z-Coil shoes actually functions as a prosthesis for my foot - It is much more than just a shoe. Finally, I have my life back. Thank you to everyone at Z-Coil. Because of your shoes (and awesome help!) I can walk again!!! Michelle S.