Reviews Ranking


Beth Johnson:

My recent purchase was my first on-line. I’ve always purchased from a store in Phoenix until it closed and I relocated. I was worried that this purchase would not go as smoothly. Because I was familiar with (and love) the product I took a chance and am glad I did. The fit and quality met my expectations and shipping was handled well. My only regret is that I waited so long to place my order.

Michael Thomsen:

I have worked on hard concrete floors for more than 20 yrs and Z-Coil footwear are the best I have ever found. They have helped my lower back issues in the work place.

David Dellinger:

I have had my z coils for four months now and I just HAD to give an update. These shoes have literally given me a new lease on life. Before buying these shoes I was so exhausted and tired after work all I could do was sit. Now, nearly five months later, my foot pain is completely gone and I have much more energy! I’ve even lost 10lbs because I now have the energy to work out again! I love these shoes so much I tell EVERYONE I can! If you work in your feet all day don’t think twice! You MUST buy these shoes because they will literally save your life like they have mine!!!!!!!

Dave Clark:

I work trade show sales. Without these shoes, I wouldn’t be able to do that, period. I also workout most days, and the one time I didn’t wear my Z’s, i had to go to an urgent care facility because my tendonitis flaired up for the first time in years. Gym rules can go hang, I am wearing my Z’s in the gym from now on.

Akiko Tanaka:

Whoever made Z-Coil needs to feel guilty of making such comfortable shoes….I can’t wear regular shoes anymore!!! They are a little pricey, but they last long time, and I can really tell the difference (coil) when I do strenuous activities such as running or climbing. I could not walk more than 20 minutes without any pain before finding about Z-Coil, but now I can walk for an hour with no pain. My mother also loves them and travels all over the world with Z-Coil. I am a teacher, and my students and colleagues are more interested in my shoes than what I teach….thanks to you Z-Coil!!


I am happy with my Zcoil so far, I feel a little bounce to my steps, I walk a little more Sassy, I walk like Beyonce now….

Charles Ravenscraft:

I bought my first pair of Z-Coils 9 years ago at the Fair and have not worn anything else since. With ankle and knee joint problems and some lower back issues I find that without them I would almost not be able to walk. The might look expensive but they are well made and one pair can last over a year if you take care of them where other types of shoes can cost a lot and you have to buy two to three pairs a year which would cost you even more money in the long run. I highly recommend these shoes for anyone, even people without physical problem. They are very comfortable and you can walk for a long time without your feet getting tired.

Peggy Bristow - :

I originally bought a pair for my bone spurs and my back problems went away also. I haven’t worn anything else for over 10 years and I wear them every waking minute of the day.