Z-Fit Custom Arch Insole

An insole is one of the most vital components of a shoe because it  provides extra comfort and support within the shoe. With the Z-Fit Custom Arch Insole from Z-CoiL, we took the insole concept a few steps further. The Z-Fit is the only insole that has a customizable arch. The customizable arch allows you to adjust each insole for a low, medium, or high arch. The added benefit is that you can customize each foot to the arch that provides optimal comfort. By properly supporting your arch, you reduce the risk of long-term foot pain and dramatically increase your comfort level. z-coil-z-fit-no-bogo-HP Front and Back Other benefits include: • Extra thick padding add to comfort (7mm) • Contoured heel and arch mirror your foot and maximize comfort • Air holes increase breathability • Light weight (68 grams) • Soft brushed nylon fabric top reduces friction   Buy Z-CoiL Now