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If you suffer from heel pain, you know that it affects every step you take. And by the time you take off your shoes in the evening, your feet are really suffering. The pain you're feeling could be caused by heel bone spurs. Heel spurs are common in people who walk, stand or run on hard surfaces such as concrete or tile floors—and that's most of us! This kind of frequent, intense impact on hard surfaces overstretches and can even tear the ligaments on the bottom of the foot, a condition known as plantar fasciitis. In extreme cases, these ligaments begin to pull away from the bone. Heel bone spurs are created because of this injury to the foot. They are not painful by themselves, but they do irritate surrounding tissues, which causes heel pain. If this sounds painful to you, you're right, it is!
However, an easy and effective way to relieve this pain is to wear the right shoes. Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® provides rigid support while at the same time reducing impact to the plantar ligaments—just the prescription for heel spur pain relief. The patented technology behind Z-CoiL® shoes provides the stability, support, and impact reduction you need to get moving again free of the pain from heel spurs. Heel spurs keep many people from being active, enjoying sports, and even going about daily activities. But, the right shoes can provide effective pain relief from heel spurs and allow you to resume your active lifestyle in comfort.
There is a reason why over 1 million pairs of Z-CoiL® shoes have been sold since 1995—quite simply, they provide relief to people with foot pain.
When you buy a pair of Z-CoiL® shoes you can rest assured that your heel spur pain will disappear. We're so confident in this that we offer a 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, pain-free, and comfortable when wearing your new shoes, we'll give you a full refund even after you have used them for 30-days in every day life. Order today to take advantage of our Free Shipping, and within no time you can leave pain behind.  

"A doctor diagnosed me with severe heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. When I put my first pair on my feet, it was pure heaven from that day forward! I now own 10 pairs and wear them daily. I have spent a week in Florida at Disney, climbed mountain sides in Utah and walked all of Amsterdam with no foot pain.

Liz D - Katy, Texas

“Great shoe. Only ones to relieve my bone spurs and plantar issues.”

Fred P. Gresham

“The best shoe in the world. When you have a pair on your feet it is like walking on sand. On hard surfaces the shoe works better than any other shoe on the planet. It helped me correct my heal spurs and walking on the outsides of the heal. Now I walk straight. I have had Z Coils for over 15 years and it has saved my back and joints.”

Michael D. Missoula, MT

“My husband and I are now retired and we live in Argentina and La Jolla, California. I purchased many pairs of Z-Coil to take with me to Argentina. I've been wearing these shoes since 1998 when I bought my first pair of sandals in your store on 4th street. I very very seldom wear any other type of shoes. I used to have spurs and since I started wearing these shoes, I have no problems at all. I simply love them!!!! I also appreciate the black heel covers you have introduced recently at a reasonable price.”

Esther P. La Jolla, CA

When I started to wear these z-coils my lower back pain and heel spurs all went away, so thank you Z-COILS.”

Daniel B. Fort Scott, KS

“Extremely comfortable, excellent for heel spurs and joint pains. Own one pair and just ordered two more.”

Cheryl N. Mattapan, MA

“These will have to be pried off my feet when I die. I have suffered with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and bunions over the years. These are the only shoes that allow me to get through my day comfortably. They do have a break-in period, especially the leather Legend. I almost sent them back but decided to keep trying and while I can't wear them all day yet, they still are great. The Liberty and Freedom are my favorites for comfort. Made it 10 hours one day without sitting down only because of these shoes. Wish I had known about them sooner. While the price can seem daunting initially, when you think of how many orthotics, different shoes, bunion pads I have tried over the years, these are a bargain.”

Lynn R. Salt Lake City, UT


 Read here what WebMD says about the main causes of heel spurs: Heel Spur Causes. They recommend preventing heel spurs by wearing well-fitting shoes with shock-absorbent soles, rigid shanks, and supportive heel counters! Z-CoiL Footwear provides each of these things and is the natural and effective alternative to medication or surgery.  


Video Transcription 

"So, what plantar fasciitis is, it's actually inflammation of this tendon. You have five plantar ligaments that run across the bottom of your foot. Plantar fasciitis is inflammation right in the arch area. Heels spurs are really inflammation and tearing away at the plantar tendon at the heel area and they are very much related. What causes both heel spurs and plantar fasciitis is a flexible shoe because what it allows your foot tendons to be constantly compromised and be put under pressure when you're walking or standing. What you need for plantar fasciitis is really a rigid orthotic. So, what the Z-CoiL shoes do is place a very rigid orthotic below your plantar tendons and it doesn't allow them to turn. So, if you go to your doctor or chiropractor they'll often recommend a built in orthotic system or an orthotic system for your shoe. And in many cases, it's custom made. And then you take this orthotic and you stick it inside your shoe. Well, there's no reason to do that in a pair of Z-CoiL shoes because it's already built right into the Z-CoiL shoe right here. The shoe is really not allowed to twist in this entire area. The only place this shoe can bend is at the ball of the foot. Z-CoiL is extremely effective for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. In fact, a lot of people who have what we call non-responsive plantar fasciitis, where nothing they do, a custom orthotic or a doctor visit or a cortisone shot, will help, Z-CoiL Shoes actual work for. And the reason they work so well is because, not only do we stabilize the plantar ligaments but we put a spring below the orthotic and now a lot of the impact going into those plantar ligaments is reduced. So, it's a fantastic solution for people who have foot pain, which is typically plantar fasciitis or heel spurs."  

More on Heel Spurs: A heel spur is a calcium deposit on the underside of the heel bone. Heel spurs are related to plantar fasciitis in that both are caused by irritation and lack of support of the plantar ligaments. Your plantar ligaments are a band of connective tissue that extend along the bottom of the foot and connect your heel bone to the ball of your foot.

There are many temporary solutions to resolve the pain associated with irritation to the plantar ligaments. Common recommendations are ice and anti-inflammatory medications or even cortisone injections, however none of these solve the fundamental problem. To permanently resolve heel spurs you need to support and restrict the movement of the plantar ligaments. Flexible shoes will aggravate and often contribute to heel spurs. We recommend a RIGID orthotic that extends from the metatarsal heads to the heel to resolve heel spurs. Causes of Heel Spurs Heel spurs are exacerbated by an movements that stretch, twist or impact the plantar ligaments. Running, jumping, standing or walking on hard surfaces with unsupportive shoes, walking barefoot in sand are all activities that can activate heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Obesity is another factor that increases stress to the plantar ligaments. Symptoms of Heel Spurs Heel spurs are most noticeable in the morning when stepping out of bed. It can be described as sharp isolated pain directly below the heel. If left untreated heel spurs can grow and become problematic long-term. The Z-CoiL Solution for Heel Spurs Z-CoiL is engineered with a built in orthotic called the Z-Orthotic. The Z-Orthotic is one of the worlds strongest orthotics. Most people report immediate relief with Z-CoiL shoes not only resulting from rigid support but from the tremendous cushioning provided by the Z-CoiL spring.

Visit our website www.zcoil.com to learn more about the company Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people with heel spurs who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee heel spur relief or we will give you a full refund.