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Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® salutes all nurses!

Salute to nurses

Thank you for spending your time taking care of others!


Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear® were designed to relieve the pain associated with standing, walking or running.  For those of you whose job keeps you on your feet, this is the shoe for you!  Watch this video to understand why these shoes can help improve the quality of your work life.


These are the most popular Z-CoiL styles worn by our nurse customers.

Toffler ECS squareToffler squareLegend White squareLegend SR squareLegend Enclosed squareFreedom Sky Blue square  

Medical Testimonials

To all the healthcare people out there, these are the shoes for you. I have a torn Achilles tendon and a heel spur, and am also a nurse. The pain was unbelievable until I found Z-CoiL shoes. Well worth the money when you think about the alternative (surgery). I highly recommend them.

Pamela L

Erwin, Tennessee  


Almost seven years ago, my right knee hurt so badly that I could hardly walk. I went limping with a lot of pain to the nearest (former) Z-CoiL dealer in Ventura, California. When I put on a pair of Black Freedoms and stood up to try walking, my right knee pain VANISHED INSTANTLY! IT WAS A MIRACLE! I tried to walk more to check if there would be some pain left. I was so surprised by that instant, pain-free feeling. Some Z-Coil customers who were there warned me that after having a little experience wearing them, I'll be hooked for good, like them! Hooked is not only the word for me, but OBSESSION! Since then, I only wear Z-CoiL shoes for all occasions: casual, semi-dress, formal, and even at home. Two years before I had the bad knee pain and before I bought my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes, I had been visiting the Ventura dealer from time to time to find out who their customers were, and why they were there. I found out that there were some Chiropractors who were using Z-CoiL shoes and recommending them to their patients. There were some doctors and nurses using them and they claimed that Z-CoiL shoes helped them tremendously with pains in their backs, necks, shoulders, knees and feet due to standing most of the time and the demands of their work. There were construction workers, restaurant servers and people with different backgrounds and occupations that had issues of pain in their bodies. According to them, wearing Z-CoiL shoes helped them get rid of a lot of their body pains. There were also some that were wearing Z-CoiLs just to prevent future body pains. Of course, they also mentioned that having a healthy lifestyle is a part of the package of being healthy. I had a friend who had severe heel pain from large bone spurs in both of her heels. She couldn't walk--she had to tiptoe. I suggested going to the dealer and trying on some Z-CoiL shoes to see if hey could help her. As soon as she put on her first pair, she could instantly walk without feeling the pain caused by the bone spurs. From then on, she has only worn Z-Coil Shoes because, according to her, they work. Thank you to the inventor of Z-CoiL and its marvelous, low-impact technology! More power to you and Z-CoiL!

Sonie P

Santa Paula, California  


I am a RN in a hospital setting. I am on my feet most of my 12 hour shifts and before I had my Z-CoiL shoes, my feet hurt all the time. After work, I would get home and take my Nikes off and my heels would be so tender to the touch that it would almost make me scream! I was not able to walk first thing when I got up in the morning after working a long week. My Z-CoiL shoes radically changed all that. After getting used to the increased arch support my feet gradually begin to stop hurting. Now I can stand and walk around my whole 12 hour shift and my feet never hurt. Thank you, Z-CoiL, for making my work environment comfortable again.

Tiger M

Ruston, Louisiana  


I work in the ER on 12 hour shifts. When I wear my Z-CoiL shoes the long hours do not bother me. If I wear regular walkers (New Balance, Nike, etc) after 6 hours my back is shot and I can barely move from the pain. I am 55 years old and have had 2 back surgeries, bad knees and heel spurs. These shoes are all I wear except when I ride my motorcycle (then it is boots). Thank you

Rick N

Vine Grove, Kentucky  


I paid $200 for a pair of Z-CoiL sneakers due to terrible heel pain. I work in the healthcare field. I did not want to get shots, orthotics or surgery as I had previously gotten with my right foot. I bought these shoes out of pure desperation. The salesman told me if I wore them continuously, I could be in less pain within a month. It has taken about 7 months to be completely pain-free, but it was worth the wait! I would highly recommend these shoes as it saved me the cost of shots, orthotics, and surgery; not to mention the cost of an orthopedic doctor. Thank you, Z-CoiL!

Lois J

Dandridge, Tennessee



I purchased my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes back in Feb, 2009 in Greensboro. I work at Durham Regional Hospital in the Pharmacy. I am on my feet all day. I have several orthopedic problems which causes me great pain each and every day. Since I purchased my Z-CoiL shoes, I have worn them everyday and I am able to come to work now without relying on my pain medication to be able to work. Z-CoiL shoes are awesome!!! I recommend them to anyone.

Pam S

Timberlake, North Carolina  


I have had painful plantar fasciitis for 10 years or so and have been treated by a podiatrist for almost 7 years, with little relief. I am a registered nurse at a hospital and I am on my feet for 12 hours each shift. This is grueling for foot pain. I have faithfully worn custom-made orthotics for almost 7 years, and they were $300.00 each pair out-of-pocket (no insurance coverage for this). The last six months my right heel has been extremely inflamed and painful. I saw a co-worker with the Z-CoiL shoes and asked about them. She said she had so much relief from wearing these shoes, so I looked Z-CoiL up on the Internet. I read such wonderful testimonials on this website and others that I looked up a store nearby and found one in Charlottesville, VA. I tried on a pair, was fitted and was sold! I would not take them off. The shoes are so relieving to my condition. I still have to stretch and use ice on that troublesome heel, but what a relief!!! I have bought two more pair and my husband (with back problems and pain from fibromyalgia) has also bought two pairs. We are planning to take a 26th Anniversary cruise to the Caribbean this month, and with my Z-CoiL sandals and tennis shoes, I am looking forward to this trip! Thanks to the amazing designer of this shoe, I will enjoy sightseeing as I have not enjoyed in ten years and no worries about how far we walk! Now I am looking to buy some dress shoes that I can wear with dresses. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone with foot or back pain -- oh, and I have to co-workers, including doctors, nurses and others. Everywhere I wear them I am a walking commercial because they are so unique people ask about them and I am happy to point them to the Z-CoiL website to learn more. I love them. Thanks again!!!

Shelby P

Spotsylvania, Virginia  


 Visit to learn more about Z-CoiL® Footwear and how the shoe technology was invented to relieve pain. We have received many testimonials from people with pain who have been helped and we can help you too! We guarantee pain relief or we will give you a full refund.  Try Z-CoiL for 30-Days risk free - and return in any condition if not amazed.   Take advantage of our Free shipping.  We normally ship orders within 24 hours of orders.  

Wondering if Z-CoiL is a good value? 

Check our the reviews on Amazon.  Z-CoiL are built to last, typically lasting 2-3 times longer than a normal work shoe.  Z-CoiL is not a shoe but equipment for your busy life on hard hospital floors. 

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