Z-Fit Custom Arch Insoles


Don't settle for a  “one size fits all” insert anymore!  The Z-Fit® insole is easily customizable to your particular arch type (low, medium or high).  Simply detach and replace with the appropriate support.

Product Description

Introducing a revolutionary customizable insole from Z-CoiL.  By simply attaching a green/low, orange/medium or red/high you can create the arch support you want depending on your arch type.

By properly supporting your arch, you reduce the risk of long-term foot pain and dramatically increase your comfort level.   Customize your ride today with the new Z-Fit® from Z-CoiL!

 *Paper Bag Test.  If you want to determine what type of arch you have, wet your foot and step on a paper bag.  Match the imprint to the colored diagram.  No particular arch type is less susceptible to injury, pain or discomfort despite previous beliefs flat feet were more prone to injury during physical activity.


Manufactured under US Patent 7,210,250.

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